...te it as being the worst time of their life.

Thirdly, death penalty assures safety of the society by eliminating these criminals.

After raising 2 boys…my insights now into how difficult it is to combat all the things that it takes to do the job of parenting right. With all the things that are out there to tempt children coupled with their own personal brain wiring; the more I believe that without strong parental guidance, some % kids will not be able to avoid becoming criminals.

We always hear how a % of these criminals who go to prison and with the structure prison offers, their maturity and sometimes education…they become different people but it’s too late by then if they are serving a life sentences or on death row.

Not all neglected or abused children become criminals or murderers but a % of them will. We have not solved the problem of how to help those children to insure that they do not turn to a life of crime.

Coffee and cigarettes is the biggest commodity in prison. You`d go nuts without them, "

The melees resulted in 668 arrests. The rest of the battle figures included: one person shot dead, 425 treated for injuries at the movement clinics, 200 treated on the spot, 400 needing treatment for tear-gas inhalation, and 101 treated in hospitals. On the other side, twenty-four car windshields were broken, seventeen police cars were dented or otherwise damaged, 192 of the 11,000 police personnel involved needed hospital treatment; only ten claimed that they were kicked by demonstrators, six said they were hit, and four said they were assaulted by crowds of protesters.

The focal points are ‘value of life’ and ethical concerns.

The issue of Solitary Confinement has to be put forward to the United Nations, to Human Rights Watch and to Amnesty International.
Due to the fact that the USA does not recognise The International Court of Justice, the primary judicial organ of the United Nations (The Hague, Netherlands) you should blame your government for facilitating and performing torture in it’s prisons. Isn’t it a fact that the United States of America advocates human rights or aren’t they?

The number of criminals is increasing every year.

The air-conditioner in front of me just drones on and on and on, slicing the early morning silence.

As far as the beast within, most people have the capacity to be violent given the right circumstances. I have literally been exposed to violence from birth so I know its negative effects. I’ve been told upon my arrival home after my birth I was the center of attention for the welcome home party of my family and their close friends. Afterward while I was resting in my cradle my older brother came in the room and tipped the cradle over knocking me to the ground. He has since told me that he had become jealous of the attention that I had received. Over the early years of my youth I often had my ass whipped by him and our parents.

He was the chief of this ring, but this was no ordinary pimp.

You remind me of my older brother because of your size and history of violence. Over the years my brother has put many larger men in the hospital, some might have even died, he doesn’t know for sure.

Take a look at written paper - The Prisoner's Life

In Cali juvenile facilities in the 60’s we were required to go to Church. And in San Quentin they had a list of books to force Christian religion on the inmates there, some of whom were Muslim by choice. They called this the treatment era.

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Fr. Russ. Your the Warden, you have a few hundred guys on board you hand selected, you design the program format, security, and create a prison totally unlike the traditional punishment/solitary, cops/convict atmosphere. You start out with a managable number of Throwaways, and build from there. think you could do this on a private level? The fact that your a man of cloth and have the backing of a religious group, or church will possibly allow you credibility, It isn’t like the state is going to hand over reings to any one person or group of people unless they are affiliated one way or another with a reputable organization, wheter its cost effective or not. So I chose the Church as a representitive, and You as the warden. Could you build this into something that provides an alternative to solitary?
However, by no means are we running a religious colony. Like this Rapo BS. Angola, or any other sick and twisted pedophile place. Were talking Lifers not kids. Men who are in Long term solitary. Like Lincoln Hall before the state took over. Private ran detention facility by the Brothers and civilians they selected. The Brothers wore no collars, I don’t remember ever going to church, and the place had no forced religious activities or none of this sick twisted rape bullshit. Had you not known they were brotheers you would have thought they were just tough ass college guys making money working as counselors!

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And the warden in Angola prison insists on preaching the bible and if you don’t play along you are not going to earn his favor. It is not a happy place. Ask the Angola 3.


We moved around a lot and as new comers we were always tested and retested by the bullies. In each new neighborhood we encountered the local toughs and we always rose to the occasion and almost always prevailed given fair odds. But I’ve also been tied to a tree and beaten by a mob when I was four years old; I’ve been hung upside down in a tree by another, and tied to another tree in the country then abandoned by yet another group of kids. I’ve been run over by kids on their bicycles as I lay on the ground playing. I’ve been held under water in the public pool, I’ve been made to fight a series of brothers one by one. By the time I landed in juvenile hall at the age of 9 fighting was a reflex which landed me in the hole over and over again.