"English as a Global Language." English on the Web.

“English as a Global Language – Good or Bad?.” MittUniversite: Mid Sweden Univeristy.

Fertile Crescent civilizations are universally regarded as humanity’s first. In China, people began to domesticate millet around eight kya, which was about 3,000 years after . Some scientists are skeptical that Chinese domestication really developed without any Fertile Crescent influence, even if it was just the of domestication. Similarly, in Mesoamerica, and people domesticated . The potato could have begun domestication in Peru . Those are the primary places where plants were domesticated independently in the Western Hemisphere, and the practice spread. . Whether the of domestication passed between regions where it is thought to have appeared independently, where the pig, for instance, may have been domesticated independently in the Fertile Crescent and China, nearly all domesticated plants and animals were probably domesticated , and the idea/technique/offspring spread. The horse, , is an instance when , with a limited number of stallions, and wild mares were subsequently incorporated into domestic herds. Once a herd animal was domesticated in the Fertile Crescent, the of domesticating herd animals certainly made subsequent domestication events less innovative. The Domestication Revolution, even if it happened in as many as nine places independently, as with the previous two Epochal Events (/controlling , and that ), the people who initiated the Third Epochal Event were relatively few. Probably only a few hundred people were beacons of innovation, or maybe even only a few dozen or less, when they are added together, and the domestication of animals in the Fertile Crescent may have had a lone inventor, or handful of them, who initiated the process, and the domestication of plants may have had similarly few inventors.

Although there is , Sumer became the first literate civilization about 3000 BCE, after their invention of . Mesopotamian peoples , and elite accounting was typical of the first writing systems, or tales to aggrandize the elite. For instance, the of the preliterate Incas was an accounting tool. By the , silver became the official unit of accounting, to be supplanted by gold a millennium later, probably due to Egyptian influence.

Warfare, in which polities fought over water and land, began in earnest in southern Mesopotamia about 4000 BCE, and the third millennium BCE (2999 to 2000 BCE) was a time of constant Mesopotamian warfare. The sieges that city-states inflicted on each other were brutal. When one city conquered another, the men were all killed or blinded and enslaved, and the women and children were enslaved. Slavery began . Slavery only made economic sense in sedentary populations, and by the time of early civilizations and writing, slavery was a universal institution. Enslaving somebody when people lived nomadically would have been impractical.

Nowadays, people who speak other languages such as Mandarin have increased.

English language is primarily responsible for the fizzling out of the native languages that are in line with different cultures. Language is an important component of every culture since different cultures have different modes of communication. This means that it is important for conservation efforts be introduced to preserve these cultures. The introduction of English as a global language is therefore a negative step since it will destroy the very efforts of conserving the fizzling cultures of minority groups. Critics to the use of English as the global language argue that English represent the dominance of the American and the English culture over other cultures. This creates a situation where English-speaking nations will adopt a superiority altitude towards other non-speaking countries that would lead to unnecessary tension that may cause non-speaking nations to feel less appreciated especially in linguistic platforms.

Why has particularly English as a language become a global language.

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The English language has had a great impact on the world as a whole.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to having one language in the world?

Recognizably modern birds existed by the end-Cretaceous, and . Small pterosaurs called first flew about 150 mya, about the time that birds appeared. The skies were getting crowded by the late-Cretaceous, although birds and pterosaurs seem to . Modern birds survived the end-Cretaceous extinction partly because they found refugia in swampy margins, burrows, and holes in trees, such as those that woodpeckers can create.

How emoji became the first truly global language Technology Read more

Another energy-related activity probably appeared on a large scale during the reign of dinosaurs: . Although territoriality , , , , and today, it is most common among birds and mammals. Territoriality is primarily about preserving an animal’s energy base from competition, and it is usually a behavior oriented toward others of the same species, which would eat the same food resources and mate with the same potential partners. Just as what scientists call , territorial behavior may go all the way back to the . But the social behaviors apparent in dinosaurs probably also meant territorial behavior, and probably on a scale never experienced before on Earth. Even the suspected display function of implies territorial behavior. All are territorial, and human political units such as are little more than ape territoriality writ large, as peoples protect their energy and mating bases. In light of the (with its apotheosis in the peacock, although, as usual, ), and the phenomenon perhaps goes , along with the discovery of dinosaurian mass nesting sites, herd behaviors, and the like, many scientists believe that .

IELTS Writing Task 2: global language argument - Simon

When birds began to fly, their energy requirements skyrocketed. Today’s bats, for instance, and , just as birds live far longer than similarly sized mammals. Mammalian life-expectancy in which size, metabolism, and longevity are all closely related. The general rule is that all mammals have about the same number of heartbeats in a lifetime. A mouse’s heart beats about 20 times as fast as an elephant’s, and an elephant lives about 20 times as long as a mouse. Larger bodies mean slower metabolisms, or less energy burned per unit of time per cell. Birds have the same kind of size/metabolism/life-expectancy curve, but it sits on a higher level than mammals'. A pigeon lives for about 35 years, or 10 times as long as a similarly sized rat. On average, birds live three-to-four times as long as similarly sized mammals.

Negatives of English as a global language: The expansion of English has also been criticised

The Tethys Ocean was fully formed in the Jurassic and the , which led to rising sea levels. The shallow seas that began to reappear in the Triassic became as continental shelves were submerged. The began forming in the Jurassic, as , , and split, and the world-circling became the about the same time, although it is more of a convention among geologists than any dramatic change. Australia began to during the Jurassic. Mountain-building events continued unabated, and the , which began forming in the Triassic, .