Disney World has become America’s most popular attraction since 1923.

It was going to be our first trip to Disney World and we were all very excited.

When I would finally get the chance to be with my best friends and take a road-trip to California to go to Disney Land, and now that the time to take that trip has come and gone I would like to talk about my most important journey.

Writing about John Hench's book , as I did in a recent , revived my interest in the Disney theme parks. In late January, when a business trip took me to Orlando, I seized the opportunity to pay my first visit to the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World since 1974. (It had been fifteen years since I last visited Disneyland, its near-identical twin in California.) The day was cloudy, with light rain in the afternoon, and even though it was a Saturday, the crowds were small—at least by what I took to be normal standards. I shudder to think what the park is like when the huge parking lots are almost full, instead of almost empty.

If you can ignore the crass commercialism, something I've alreadytalked about in my essay , Disneyland,as can be expected, was a lot of fun. However, it is nowhere as coolas in Florida. Therides are pretty much the same, though my perception was that therides in Disney World were sometimes bigger/longer. The one exceptionfor this is the Adventure ride for which I don't believe there is aequivalent in Walt Disney World. In general, I enjoyed the ridesabout compared to rides like Space Mountain.

and Disney World, the seniors at Clinton High School were cruising to the Bahamas.

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The department-store-window analogy suggested itself to me again during the "Snow White" and "Peter Pan" rides. Both rides are really a series of tableaux, and they would make the most sense if spectators could linger over them, absorbing the story from placards or recorded narration. I remember seeing just such a retelling of a non-Disney version of "Sleeping Beauty" in Saks Fifth Avenue's windows during the 2002 Christmas season in New York. Needless to say, the long lines waiting for Walt Disney World's rides make any such leisurely approach inconceivable.

Audio-Animatronic attractions are complex and challenging, but they—and by extension theme parks themselves—are a dead end for anyone whose ambitions are more than entrepreneurial. I think Walt Disney accepted that reality toward the end of his life, when he began turning away from the theme parks and devoting most of his attention to EPCOT and CalArts and other heavyweight projects.

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I skipped some of the other Audio-Animatronic attractions, like "It's a Small World" and the Hall of Presidents—my researcher's monomania extends only so far—but I did drop in to the revamped Enchanted Tiki Room. Two newer Disney birds, Iago from and Zazu from , have joined the parrots that have staffed this show for forty years. The Iago robot dominated the show, loudly and coarsely, robbing the Tiki Room of whatever campy charm it may once have had. His abrasive and very "Hollywoodish" manner may be a forecast of what lies ahead for the Disney parks; certainly the same reliance on bombast was evident in a raucous costumed-character show at Cinderella's castle.

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The Cast Members at Walt Disney World know that travelers may have special needs and they do their best to be accommodating. Knowing the ins and outs of how the "system" works ahead of time will make your vacation more relaxing and pleasurable. This section addresses those with special physical requirements, including large-sized guests, as well as those with special dietary considerations.

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It is a blending of your expectations of what should happen with a delightful surprise of something far more creative.” (The Hidden Magic of Disney p.5) Is Walt Disney World really what it seems.

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Even though the Magic Kingdom still conforms to Walt Disney's wishes—"vision" is too grand a word—in its general layout and many of its details, the grating Tiki Room show reminded me of how different the Walt Disney Company is now from the much smaller operation that Walt ran.

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You can travel to Walt Disney World as a family, as a couple, as seniors, with friends and even alone! When traveling as a family there are a number of considerations depending on the age(s) of your child(ren).