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The automobile became the backbone ofthe American economy.

Although Renault was entranced by the Greeks from an early age—by the time she finished high school, she had devoured all of Plato—at St. Hugh’s, a women’s college at Oxford, she studied English. After taking her degree, she decided against teaching, one conventional route for unmarried, educated middle-class women, and instead trained as a nurse; her first three novels, published during the war years, were written during her off-hours from clinics and hospitals. In 1934, she met Julie Mullard, a vivacious young nurse who became her life partner for nearly fifty years, until Renault’s death. In a 1982 BBC documentary, the two come off as unpretentious and suspicious of self-dramatizing fuss.

Henry Ford provided the assembly line where it
revolutionized the way automobiles were built thus causing them to be
cheeper and providing a boost in the economy.

The superhero fatigue was starting to hit me hard. I’ve fallen off the DCTV train with the latest seasons of those fairly decent CW shows, Batman V Superman was not as good as I was hoping it would be, and Daredevil Season 2 was just kind of okay after closer examination of the series. So, when I went to go in to see Civil War I expected the worse. The movie had done nothing wrong, in terms of marketing, for me to warrant this expectation. But, after Batman V Superman, I was left wondering if ensemble hero films were still a good idea.

Automobiles also gave younger people andwomen additional opportunities to be more independent.

I put Mullard’s card in a large manila envelope that, years earlier, my mother had provided for this correspondence, labelling it, as she liked to do when she organized my things, with my initials, in blue Magic Marker. (“Mary Renault: DA.”) I’m pretty sure that, as I did so, I told myself that this was the last letter I’d ever be receiving from Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

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I shoved the Times in his direction and pointed. Down below the fold, next to the contents, under the heading “Inside,” was the item that had caught my eye: “Mary Renault Dies. The historical novelist Mary Renault, who based many of her best-selling books on the legends of ancient Greece, died in Cape Town. Page B5.”

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Europe and the rest of the world were beginning to see a large population of these American expatriates....

Writers, though, write to communicate; and when someone to whom one has got through takes the trouble to write and tell one so, it would be pretty ungrateful to respond with something off a duplicator. I think so, anyway.

Hogan’s Heroes’ unceremonious finale comes from the …

I am truly glad the books have meant all this to you; especially as you write very good English yourself. . . . Greek history, or something, has certainly given you a clean and simple style. I wish you the very best of luck with your work, and a happy fulfilled career.

Presents a series of biographies on Americans who have excelled in some manner becoming heroes to the nation and to the world.

Are there really writers who do that? I knew film stars do. You can’t blame them, really; apart from the fact that about half the people who write to them must be morons who think they really are Cleopatra or whoever, they get such thousands that if they attempted answering themselves they’d never get to the set.

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The next year, I turned fifteen, and still didn’t really know what “better” might mean. Finally, I decided to write to Mary Renault and ask her.

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Your nice letter came this morning. Something tells me you are going to have a future as a writer. Keep at it; very few people get published at 16 or even 20, but don’t worry. . . . There is only one way to learn to write and that is by reading. Don’t read for duty, try all the good stuff though, sample it, then devour what stimulates and enriches you. This will seep in to your own work, which may be derivative at first but this does not matter. Your own style will develop later.Now, of course, I can read the book as it ought to be read, as a coming-of-age story: Laurie abandons the inchoate but potent ideals of adolescence, symbolized by the pure and curiously sexless Andrew, in favor of an adult relationship, one that is physical as well as emotional, with complicated and compromised Ralph, who, like Laurie, bears physical as well as emotional scars. But, because I was so young when I read the novel for the first time, I saw the arc from the ideal to the real, from youth to maturity, as a tragic one. To me, Andrew and Ralph were figures in a vast allegorical conflict. Under the white banner of Andrew there was Renault, and true love, and the ancient Greeks, with their lofty rhetoric and marmoreal beauty; under the black banner of Ralph there was Playgirl, and sex, and thoughts about naked men—the messy and confusing present.This time, I felt no great disappointment. Over the next months, as my stalking of the blond swimmer became more abject, as more and more meals ended with me bursting into tears and locking myself in my room as my parents clumped helplessly down the hallway after me, the sentence “Something tells me you are going to have a future as a writer” served as a charm. I knew I had no right to expect anything else from her.