Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

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Chua, famous for her 2011 book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," which advocated the strict parenting methods stereotypically favored by Chinese mothers, told the WSJ of her reservations - unmade beds and an empty refrigerator were chief among

One of those permissive American parents is Chua's husband, Jed Rubenfeld (also a professor at Yale Law School). He makes the occasional cameo appearance in , cast as the tenderhearted foil to Chua's merciless taskmaster. When Rubenfeld protested Chua's harangues over "The Little White Donkey," for instance, Chua informed him that his older daughter Sophia could play the piece when she was Lulu's age. Sophia and Lulu are different people, Rubenfeld remonstrated reasonably. "Oh, no, not this," Chua shot back, adopting a mocking tone: "Everyone is special in their special own way. Even losers are special in their own special way."

comparison-contrast essay on the ideas of parenting of Amy Chua and of Hanna Rosin.

For other readers, it was Chua calling her older daughter Sophia "garbage" after the girl behaved disrespectfully — the same thing Chua had been called as a child by her strict Chinese father.

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Even before , Chua's proudly politically incorrect account of raising her children "the Chinese way," arrived in bookstores Jan. 11, her parenting methods were the incredulous, indignant talk of every playground, supermarket and coffee shop. A prepublication excerpt in the (titled "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior") started the ferocious buzz; the online version has been read more than 1 million times and attracted more than 7,000 comments so far. When Chua appeared Jan. 11 on the show, the usually sunny host Meredith Vieira could hardly contain her contempt as she read aloud a sample of viewer comments: "She's a monster"; "The way she raised her kids is outrageous"; "Where is the love, the acceptance?"

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Furthermore, the story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan basically speaks about a Chinese mother that makes her daughter do all different types of exercise of studies and instrumental lessons.

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Amy defends her mother's 'Broken' English by the fact that she is Chinese and that the 'Simple' English spoken in her family 'Has become a language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates to family talk' (36)....

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Chua's reports from the trenches of authoritarian parenthood are indeed disconcerting, even shocking, in their candid admission of maternal ruthlessness. Her book is a for the age of the memoir, when we tell tales on ourselves instead of our relatives. But there's something else behind the intense reaction to , which has shot to the top of best-seller lists even as it's been denounced on the airwaves and the Internet. Though Chua was born and raised in the U.S., her invocation of what she describes as traditional "Chinese parenting" has hit hard at a national sore spot: our fears about losing ground to China and other rising powers and about adequately preparing our children to survive in the global economy. Her stories of never accepting a grade lower than an A, of insisting on hours of math and spelling drills and piano and violin practice each day (weekends and vacations included), of not allowing playdates or sleepovers or television or computer games or even school plays, for goodness' sake, have left many readers outraged but also defensive. The tiger mother's cubs are being raised to rule the world, the book clearly implies, while the offspring of "weak-willed," "indulgent" Westerners are growing up ill equipped to compete in a fierce global marketplace.

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Ending a parenting story when a child is only 15 years old seems too short; in fact, it might not be entirely possible to really understand the complete impact of Chua's efforts until her daughters have kids of their own.
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Amy Chua is a law professor and author of two books on international affairs, even though readers of Tiger Mother get only a little tiny glance of that part in her life, with weird, thrown off-lines such as "Meanwhile, I was still teaching my courses at Yale and finishing up my second book" (7) while also "traveling continuously, giving lectures about democratization and ethnic conflict." (7) Her third book points away from global concerns to focus intensely on Amy Chua's attempt to raise her two beautiful daughters in the way that her ...