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The book consisted of many career facts and focused on mainly the major leagues.

Genna Watson and John Dickson demonstrate some clear parallels between their current work. They share certain directions and purposes. They both use fugitive materials that they view as rescuing. They are attentive to the physical presence of objects and things. They are both currently working with units of pages and paper. They both come out of a sculptural practice and their work is filled with a poetry that is often found and defined in ephemeral materials.
As professionals they pick and choose when it is appropriate to be critical of the other. They have the same issues around the limitations of time and resources. When asked if they were competitive with each other they said, “early on but not so much now.” They explained that they both have had public success but at different times. They also maintained separate gallery representation over the years.

I believe in the courage of everyday people. As a kid, I associated courage with war heroes and firefighters. I thought that being courageous meant that you jumped into risky situations and did something noble. It just wasn’t an adjective that I used to describe ordinary, everyday people in daily situations.

In conversation with Genna and John I learned some interesting facts. They have never collaborated on an art piece although they have often talked of doing so. They speak every morning of the work they did the previous night in their respective, adjacent studios in their home in Hyattsville. As John is no longer teaching at the Corcoran (but doing senior level administration) he explained that much of his work looks back through
history like an archaeologist. Genna, a professor at George Mason University continues to examine contemporary art.

And immediately after pours forth the promising courtesies of a usurper in intention:—

ACT-SO is a major youth initiative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Founded in 1978 by renowned author and journalist Vernon Jarrett, ACT-SO provides a forum through which African-American youth can demonstrate academic, artistic and scientific prowess and expertise, thereby gaining the same recognition often only reserved for entertainers and athletes.

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ACT-SO – the Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics, is a youth program under the administrative aegis of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). ACT-SO is a yearlong enrichment program designed to encourage high academic and cultural achievement among underserved minority high school students.

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Courage plays a very large role in the plot of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

The mission of NAACP New York City Academic, Cultural, Technological, & Scientific Olympics (NAACP NYC ACT-SO) is to overcome the vicious cycle of low scholastic expectations and achievement that plagues Black underserved minority youth throughout New York City; to strengthen Black high school students’ academic skills and inspire the confidence they will need to succeed as adults; and, to offer individualized academic mentorship and diverse enrichment activities, of which there is short supply in the New York City public high schools.

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Ib. sc. 2. This scene, dreadful as it is, is still a relief, because a variety, because domestic, and therefore soothing, as associated with the only real pleasures of life. The conversation between Lady Macduff and her child heightens the pathos, and is preparatory for the deep tragedy of their assassination. Shakspeare's fondness for children is every where shown;—in Prince Arthur, in King John; in the sweet scene in the Winter's Tale between Hermione and her son; nay, even in honest Evans's examination of Mrs. Page's schoolboy. To the objection that Shakspeare wounds the moral sense by the unsubdued, undisguised description of the most hateful atrocity—that he tears the feelings without mercy, and even outrages the eye itself with scenes of insupportable horror—I, omitting Titus Andronicus, as not genuine, and excepting the scene of Gloster's blinding in Lear, answer boldly in the name of Shakspeare, not guilty.

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Seeing people overcome their fears is so inspirational that it motivates you to overcome your own. I earned my commercial driver’s license so that I could drive the camp bus and I went from not being able to swim 25 yards with my face in the water to being a lifeguard certified to teach swimming lessons. However, my hardest act of courage came when I left my security net at camp behind and moved out into the “real world.”

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Act iii. sc. 1. Compare Macbeth's mode of working on the murderers in this place with Schiller's mistaken scene between Butler, Devereux, and Macdonald in Wallenstein. (Part II. act iv. sc. 2.) The comic was wholly out of season. Shakspeare never introduces it, but when it may react on the tragedy by harmonious contrast.

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Genna and John continue the tradition of artist couples that have merged their lives but not their individuality. Their shared home and interests are manifested in a series of random acts of courage as defined by this exhibition. John Dickson and Genna Watson do not finish each other’s sentences but they do talk the same language.

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Just to name a few, we have battlefield valor, political courage, courage to partake in burdened virtues, religious courage (martyrdom), and fortitude.