Priestley's An Inspector Calls Essay

Priestley Used to Create and Develop Tension in Act one of An Inspector Calls

The following essay was written for my GCSE English course in June 2000 and relates to the J.B. Priestley play “An Inspector Calls”. It’s released here under a .

The use of the sharp ring of a front door bell increases tension by causing dramatic silence experienced by both the audience and characters on stage Famous critics's comments are often a good starting point for an essay.
The Inspector controls the pace and tension by dealing with one line of enquiry at a time The story is revealed gradually, An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls' Essay Plan Previous |.

An Inspector Calls is a well known play written by English dramatist J.B Priestley in 1945, set in 1912 just after World War I, and just before the start of voyage of The Titanic but performed 1946 in the United Kingdom.

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The Playwright
Social and Historical Context
Setting and Structure
Timeline of the play, how to read a play rather than a novel
Characters – Mr Birling
Characters – Edna and Sheila
Characters – Gerald Characters – Mrs. Birling
Characters – Eric Characters – Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
Characters – Inspector Goole Age – Old vs Young – who accepts responsibility and why?
The Opening Stage Directions – an analysis.
Act One – A Summary
Act Two – A Summary
Act Three – A Summary
The Inspector’s Final Speech – an analysis
The End of the Play – Unanswered Questions and FAQ
Key themes: Class, love, relationships, selfishness
Structure: Dramatic Irony, time, conflict and tension
Sample essay – How does Priestley reveal a message of social responsibility in the play?
Sample essay – How does Priestley present the characters of Mr. Birling and Sheila in ‘An Inspector Calls’?
Key quotes (who said them and what do they mean?

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Priestley's An Inspector Calls Dramatic irony, sound and lighting effects and cliffhangers are some of the techniques used by priestly to involve the audience whilst conveying his concerns.

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The play, An Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestley is full of dramatic
tension that changes throughout the play depending on the characters

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This is symbolic of the
global struggle between capitalism and socialism, the Inspector
represents Priestley's socialist views, and Birling, the antithesis of
the Inspector represents capitalist views, which is made clear through
his speech "the interests of Capital steadily increasing prosperity."
When the Inspector is there, Birling is very fast to drop the blame on
someone else, insisting "I can't accept any responsibility" which is a
complete contrast of what the Inspector says, telling the family to
"share the blame among yourselves when I have left" This constant
conflict, which is often at the heart of the dramatic genre itself,
makes sure there is tension whenever the two characters are talking to
each other.