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4 (1962) Plastic/stainless steel, Whitney Museum of Art
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For reviews of famous Greek statues, see: (c.130-100 BCE) attributed to Alexandros of Antioch, and (c.42-20 BCE) by the Rhodes' artists Hagesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus.

In the Archaic period kouroi and grave reliefs, as their inscriptions show, had often represented particular individuals, but without any pretence of reproducing the individual particularities of their appearance, and Early and High Classical 'portrait' statues were still stock ideal types.

An early example was the half-naked figure, where the drapery has slipped down almost to the groin; this allowed contrast of texture and perhaps freer movement of the legs without offence to current standards of decency.

He would have, I believe, willingly traded the Aphrodite of Cnidus for the Eros of Thespiae.
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Before coming to an understanding of the sexual and erotic definition of the female nude in Greek art, we must first explore/expose those of the male nude.

Like the original, the statue was made out of marble.

In the formation of the polis or city-state, women were legally positioned somewhere between slaves and citizens, and under the law they fell closer to slaves than to citizens.

The statue is of great size, yet still in proportion.

This statue was composed of bronze and could be distinguished by its fine polish and style.
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The Parthenon took the Greeks approximately fifteen years to complete and as Pericles stated, it was built to give gratitude to their goddess Athena for the salvation of their city, Athens and all of Greece in the Persian Wars (Sayre 60).

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Not so much in support of Groys stance on the matter, but rather in opposition of the idea that the internet holds some kind of ‘capacity’ that allows the artist an unbridled sense of licence and power over what happens to their work and how it is mediated in the world wide web territory, digital artist Hugh MacLeod highlights a very important clause that seems to be overlooked in all the excitement of the internet’s ‘freedom of expression’ facilities....

Late Classical Sculpture of Ancient Greece (400-323 BCE): Characteristics, Sculptors, Praxiteles, Lysippus, Lysippus: Aphrodite of Knidos, Legacy

In Cnidus there are other marble by famous artists...but there is no greater witness to the quality of Praxiteles' Venus that among all these it alone received attention.

02.01.2016 · This statue was inspired by the most famous Greek sculpture of a goddess, the Aphrodite of Knidos

The shrine she stands in is completely open, so that one can view the image of the goddess from all sides, an arrangement (so it is believed) that she herself favored.

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He made two statues and put them up for sale together: one was draped and for that reason was preferred by the people of Cos, who had an option on the sale, even though it was the same price as the other, for they judged this to be the sober and proper thing to do.

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As I stood staring at such a life-like sculpture in the confines of a briskly chilly art museum corridor, I could only imagine the amount of exhausted nights the sculptor had to endure to create his extremely exhausted masterpiece....

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At the very start of this debate I call as witness of the truth of my words the primordial Mother, original source of all creation, by which I mean the sacred nature of the universe, she who, having been the first to unite the elements of the world — earth, air, fire and water — wrought through their mingling all living creatures.