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Mother Bernle is heartbroken when her sons are called to the front-- and on opposite sides.

5/16/11 - On 5/13/11 my brother and I met my niece and nephew at the Joint Expeditionary Base in Little Creek, VA near Norfolk where we boarded buses for a ride south on US 17 past the Dismal Swamp, across Abermarle Sound at Edenton, then through Williamston and New Bern, NC before turning south on US 70 to meet the USS Carter Hall at Morehead City just west of Beaufort, NC. The Carter Hall (LSD-50) is a Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship just returned from a nine month deployment. The mission of the Landing Ship Dock (LSD) is to transport and launch amphibious craft, vehicles, crews and embarked personnel in an amphibious assault. An LSD can also render limited docking and repair service to small ships and craft, and act as the Primary Control Ship (PCS) during amphibious assaults. She was the second Navy ship to be named for Carter Hall, an estate near Winchester, Virginia, built in the 1790s.

During World War I on the French front, a regiment of soldiers are set up for suicide missions and are generally manipulated in ways that show no regard for their lives.

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Teil: Der Krieg an der Front und zu Hause -- 4.

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(Bonita de Boer, 2009) Among Americans, ..

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The nice thing about great books is that they keep on teaching us as we return to them. Back on Independence Day weekend I had much animated conversation with my friend Ed Austin about how different kinds of work attract different human types and how lucky people are when they find usefulness or fittingness. We had much talk about the US Department of Education which attempts to deal with this need for "diversity" in education, but not much accommodation to the diversity of human dispositions. Our historic silos of collected data cause us to be preoccupied with demographic variables, on the one hand, and sorting into cognitive classes, on the other. Both collapse the human qualities into a narrow set of categories, the better to be represented on a checklist or a set of test scores. This simplification serves various institutional purposes. Fitting ourselves to these categories, we come to understand ourselves in light of the available metrics, and forget that the institutional purposes are not our own. If the gatekeeper at a prestigious institution has opened a gate in front of us, we can't not walk through it. But when a young person surveys the various ways of being useful, and how they might be a part of a life well lived, the pertinent question for him might be not what IQ he has, but whether he is careful or commanding. If he is to find work that is fitting, he would do well to pause amid the general rush to the institutional gates for some very smart people are ill suited for higher education and to the kind of work you're supposed to do once you have a degree. Further, funneling everyone into college creates certain perversities in the labor market.

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8/27/11 - Today I am being prepared by television meteorologists for the "consumption" of Hurricane Irene. Earlier in the week I was able to experience an earthquake without being properly prepared for consuming it. The result was apparently frightening for many people so now I am being somewhat over-indulged in preparation for hurricane consumption. In the post-modern world we need to be prepared for the consumption of nature because otherwise we might be fundamentally insecure with its fatalism and exhibit some of the behaviors that accompanied Katrina in New Orleans. With many days of classroom review of mental constructions of hurricanes on our television sets, we should be able to sleep through the actual consumption of the real hurricane. The mental renderings of hurricanes are masterfully accompanied by a menu of commonly used terms like punishing winds, crushing surges, massive damage expectations, and 100 year flooding levels delivered by wind blustered InfoBabes whose hearts are going out to us so that we come to know nature in the form of a more mentally tractable model than material reality, and perhaps more amenable to mathematical representation. So what we have at the end of the consumption preparation is the misconceived idea that we have constructed the storm in the way that it will entertain us without getting loose and doing us harm. Like a house built from a good blueprint every element of this storm is fully within our view, and subject to deliberate placement. The world is interesting and intelligible again because we have mathematically reproduced it in ideal form, as a projection from ourselves. We no longer need to be attentive and are now fully prepared for the post-storm cocktail party assertions.

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The Jade Sphinx: Bronzino's Portrait of a Young Man

As I wrote the phrase "approach college in the spirit of craftsmanship", I thought that it had the "ring" of truth but I wanted to explain it further with an example of music where I have no skill but love its crafting. It seems to have an authoritative structure which commands our respect. The task seems difficult and the goal is distant and perhaps never entirely attainable. Approaching music always seems to be a revelation of something which exists totally independently of the player. Attention is rewarded by a knowledge of reality. Love of music leads us away from ourselves and toward something alien to us, something which my consciousness cannot take over, swallow up, deny or make unreal.

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9/6/11 - We have decided that tomorrow I will start driving down to Pine Island to pick up the RV and bring it home, but today I finished rereading "A I Lay Dying" so I will depart with a quote from it: