Even Cassius knows how noble and honorable Brutus really is.

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You know how I'd start, if I was just starting out again? This is not an advertisement for my own stuff, but maybe it is. I'd purchase my own (the Bingo Cards, the SWT slides, and/or the restaurant-themed choice menus), and as soon as I had made sure every single class was taking those ten minutes of daily seriously, I'd write during those ten minutes too! I know there are teachers reading this right now who've purchased those materials from me, and who--instead of using those ten quiet minutes to establish their own writer's notebooks--they take care of class business and email while their students are being so quiet and their little student pencils are dancing. If that's you and you don't have a writer's notebook started yet, then stop doing that! My products provide you that ten minutes, and if you still don't have a notebook started, then you bought the materials for the wrong reason. Go start a darn notebook and share your crazy ideas with your kids once you realize how much fun it is to keep one, how much fun it is to ramble some days, how much fun it is to let your thoughts become decoration on what was once a blank notebook page.

A leader in the business environment has to have high morals, understand, set a strong example of the actions they want their employees to emulate, exhibit that they are in charge, and have a good reputation....

They start with a question on purpose! If you're not sure how to begin your prompt-inspired writing, write a sentence that answers the question and see where your writing goes from there.

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The two main conspirators are Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius, Shakespeare presents them as very different characters who have their own and very different reasons for murdering Caesar....

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When I became a teacher many years later, I did what a lot of new teachers do; I emulated the bad practices of my own past teachers...even the practices that I hated as a student. For five or six years, especially when we were reading literature, I forced my kids to write in journals using my prompts, not allowing them to discover their own prompts. In 1996, I began working on my Master's Degree, and that was the year I enrolled in a Summer Teaching Institute sponsored by the greatest organization for improving teaching practices: the National Writing Project. My local chapter--the Northern Nevada Writing Project--had me research and create a 90-minute presentation that I was required to deliver to fellow professionals for the purpose of trying to help them see why they might change a current classroom practice. I researched better ways to maintain a classroom "journal program, and I happily discovered there were new schools of thought about using writer's notebooks instead of journals. How I wished that my tenth grade teacher had known about this similar-yet-different learning tool.

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

Discuss friendship in the play. Consider Caesar andBrutus, Caesar and , Brutus and Cassius(and how their friendship changes), and Octavius, and/or any other pairings. Are these true friendships or merelypolitical alliances forged for the sake of convenience and self-preservation?How do they compare with the heterosexual relationships in the play—therelations between husbands and wives? Are they more profound or less profound,more revealing or less revealing of their participants’ characters?

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Trace the movement from disorder to order throughoutthe play and analyze the pacing of its development. Consider discussing how thepeople Shakespeare's Elizabethan England valued order preeminently and how personal,political, and heavenly order played crucial roles in the way and analyze theways in which characters (such as Brutus, Cassius, Antony, and/or Caesar) actin violation of order on any of those three levels, and explain how eachviolation leads to the tragic end of the play.

Why is the relationship between Brutus and Cassius strained

Compare and contrast the private and public sides of Brutusand/or Caesar (such as discussing if Caesar continues to wield power overevents even after he is dead, whether or not the conspirators succeed in theirgoals by killing him or Caesar’s influence too powerful to be contained even byhis death, whether or not the spirit of Caesar is greater than Caesar the man,what the effects of his death are, etc.). Consider discussing them as publicmen who define themselves by their social roles and reputations.

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Discuss therole of women in the play, comparing and contrasting Portia and Calpurniaand/or comparing and contrasting their marriages to Brutus and Caesar,respectively.

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I will also show a historical analysis, including my reasons for choosing Darwin as my subject, his background, the success and failures of his influence, as well as his legacy.

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Elliot in his essay, “Hamlet and His Problems” explains how Gertrude is the object of the protagonist’s disgust: Hamlet is up against the difficulty that his disgust is occasioned by his mother, but that his mother is not an adequate equivalent for it; his disgust envelops and exceeds her....