First Canon; Code of Canon Law.

Wednesday comes from Odin also pronounced Wodin the king of the Viking gods.

In our three-part Contribution (not counting the Conclusion) we will introduce the Czech king George of Poděbrady as a person, then we will focus on the predecessors of George's project and, last but not least, we will analyze the basic ideas, aims and importance of George's peace plan.

Social and economic relations also had a significant impact for the regulation of administrative procedure. The management of certain social issues, such as public health, education, pensions or social affairs led to the increasingly larger differentiation of public administration. In the thus created situation, a drastic increase in the number of legislations regulating public administration could be witnessed. The need expressed by the society, according to which the regulation of public administration procedures should be collected in a transparent and well-arranged form was fulfilled by the legislative authority through , for the first time in the history of Hungarian law. The law, as it can be seen above, stipulated the remedying system in a detailed manner and made these rules applicable in each and every type of public administration authority procedures. In the history of regulating public administration authority procedures, the largest breakthrough was the adoption of Act 4 of 1957, which is, practically, a code of authority procedures.

The ability of a testator to dispose of chattels by means of a will seems to have been restricted from an early time in England. This paper re-examines the possible origins of such a concept; it considers ideas from Roman law, Anglo-Saxon law, Canon law and Anglo-Norman law in an attempt to trace the genesis of the so-called . It highlights the intrinsic problems that are faced when embarking on such a task, and concludes that legitim most likely has its roots in customary law, and is likely to pre-date the Norman Conquest.

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Upon the death of Henri III, murdered in 1589, the closest relativein male line was Henri de Bourbon, king of Navarre, head of the house ofBourbon and leader of the Protestant party in the Wars of Religion whichhad been tearing France apart for 30 years. Henri IV managed to conquerhis own kingdom by military force and by converting to Catholicism. Hefounded the house of Bourbon who reigned as kings of France and .

The Maritime Law in the Commercial Code of France of 1807

Although Charles X had an heir, his grandson Henri, duc de Bordeaux(1820-83), the outcome of the Revolution of 1830 was to remove thesenior branch of the Bourbons and put insteadLouis-Philippe I on the throne as "king of the French".The new king was the head of the house of Bourbon-Orléans, descendedfrom , son of Louis XIII. He abdicated in 1848, thelast king to reign in France.

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The Burgundians The Burgundians, East German tribesmen, were great allies of Rome.

Moravia and Silesia are historical lands which nowadays create the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the major part of Silesia belongs to contemporary Poland, a smaller part belongs to Saxony. Moravia as a margraviate and Silesia as a duchy belonged as integral parts to the Holy Roman Empire and were feudally dependent on the Czech king, later on the Habsburg and Prussian state. Their historical lines projected in that aspect that their coats of arms exist in two versions.

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In this article I go in for the second half of the eighties and the first half of the nineties of the nineteenth century. I focus on the characterics of women who committed (or attempted to commit) the crime of the “Forced Abortion”, but also on the characteristic of men who often urged their partners to get the “Forced Abortion” carried out and also of persons who performed the illegal abortions, whether they were physicians, midwifes or persons without medical education. The specific criminal cases of the Regional Court in Olomouc identify the causes of crime, methods of its implementation (mechanical or chemical means used), the way of decision making of the court on the mitigating and aggravating circumstances, guilt and punishment and also the attitude of the Prosecutor's Office in Olomouc and advocates towards the accused and the crime. In the end I present pertinent conclusions and I try to compare two periods - the second half of the eighties and the first half of the nineties of the nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth century.

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In the article the matters of internal organization and supervision issues in post-war county administration in Poland are discussed on the example of Krakow County. In the first part statutes that dealt with the practical matters such as mail circulation, storing and marking the official documents are discussed. Author underlines their importance in relation to functioning of administrative offices. Next the matter of the provisions concerning handling of confidential correspondence such as internal order of the Krakow starosta issued on April 17th 1945 is discussed.

Color Code: Burgundy - House of Marbury

French Commercial Code; Napoleonic codification; ordinances of Louis XIV; commercial law; maritime law; commercial partnerships; general principles.

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The conditions of the union of Brest were set on a meeting in Torczyn, on 2 December 1594. Once the union was announced in Rome on 12 June 1595, a synod was convoked to Brest. Two letters were drawn – one to Sigismund III, the other to the pope Clement VIII. Cyryl Terlecki and Hipacy Pociej were appointed as plenipotentiaries to talk with the pope. In a letter to the pope they announced subscribing to the provisions of the Council of Florence of 1439, and asked for preservation of the whole liturgy and Eastern rites. In the letter addressed to the king they appealed for preservation of their old privileges and granting them the privileges enjoyed by the Catholic clergy, but also for defense in case of any interference of the Constantinople patriarchs or church sanctions. This issue was to be finally concluded at the next synod convoked in Brest. The act of union was concluded on 9 October 1596. From the times of Catherine II the Union on was doomed to be annihilated. The Orthodox Church viewed Unites as its brothers, separated from the Tsardom in the 16th century. The policy of Russian authorities was very consistent, with short breaks during the rule of Paul I, Alexander I and at the beginning of Alexander II rule.

Maximilian's wife had inherited the large Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries upon her father's death in the Battle of Nancy on 5 January 1477.

łUnion of Brest and its Dissolution on the Territories of the Congress Kingdom of Poland, Belarusian and Lithuanian Lands