On the first part, we are discussing why mobile phone is a bane.

These laws state that the use of cell phones is prohibited for students during the school day.

It is suggested that there should be a complete restriction on using cell phones in public places where they turn into disruptive tools. Personally, I believe that they should not be banned unless they do not cause any interruption or interference in service or equipment.

On the one hand, i accept that mobiles may interfere with the ambiance of certain of places. In libraries, for example, they can be intrusive or noisy, which can break concentration of others. This is because these places are usually calm, where people visit to read or relax. So, phones can easily annoy others or ruin their experience in these quiet places. Similarly, mobile signals can cause problems in some frequently used places such as hospitals by interfering with delicate instruments. These can lead to malfunctioning of a range of devices such as ventilators, echocardiographs and computers. Therefore, the use of mobile phones should be restricted in these buildings o cases.

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some people think that the use of mobile phones should be banned in public places such as in libraries, shops and on public transport. to what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? write at least 250 words.

Cell phones are great to have but not using them correctly could be dangerous....

There is no arguing that cell phones can be implemented in a positive manner by making it easier for us to keep in touch with people locally, as well as around the world.

We just make a phone call to talk to them instead of visiting.

In the second part of this debate, we are discussing why mobile phone is considered as a boon.

The other day, my daddy was telling me his childhood stories.

In the same way, cell phones are being banned in many schools.

One of the main reasons why children want to own a cell phone is because their friends have it.

It is thought that using cell phones in public places have become a hazard and therefore should be banned . While I agree to to some extent with this notion .I think that cell phones have become one of the compelling necessities for people . Personally , i believe that banning them could have a detrimental impact on people for a couple of reasons .

There are many reasons why people choose to use cell phones.

Yet, the term includes the use of cell phones to communicate a threat, send an abusive text, send inappropriate pictures or make harassing phone calls to someone in order to scare or upset them.

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To summarize, cell phone, a multifunctional device, is more informative and entertaining which has benefited us in every walk with its abundant of facilities. I, therefore, believe that we should use it acknowledging the requirement instead of banning and making it an issue.

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Firstly , cell phones have proved to be a lifebuoy in critical times as fires , crimes and road casualities . An example illustrating this in action is United States Civil Defense recent reports which indicate that most emergency calls notifying about fires have been received from cell phones , from people passing by fires in streets . Not only that , but many road casualities have been rescued thanks to calls from cell phones as well . Further and even more importantly , though , most of crimes have been either prevented or authenticated due to the prompt use off cell phones .

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Finally, cell phone is a source of quick communication which is very useful to covey our message. For instance, if I we are in urgent need or if something goes wrong in our surrounding, such as: accident or kidnapping, it is the easiest means to inform the police or call an ambulance.

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It is also emitted from unnatural sources like mobile phone base stations, broadcast towers, radar equipment, remote controls, electrical and electronic equipment....