appear in the “Works Cited” page at the end of the essay

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This essay reexamines the encounter between Odysseus and Penelope in Book 19 of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, focusing particular attention on the dream of the 20 geese Penelope describes during that encounter. Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, says the dream is a favorable omen which indicates the real Odysseus will return soon to rid his palace of the hated suitors who have occupied it in his long absence. Although generations of scholars have agreed with the hero's interpretation, the present essay offers a different understanding: Penelope, having recognized who this “beggar” really is, has fabricated her dream of the 20 geese to test her husband and determine whether he is more interested in renewing their marriage or satisfying his vengeance against the suitors. The essay offers an appreciation of Penelope as one of our earliest and wisest dreamers, who understood how easily people's wishes and desires could lead them to misinterpret their own dreams and the dreams of others.

4. You are not asked to look at secondary sources for this essay. Butif you do take ideas from others, you must cite your source in afootnote. (If you are uncertain how, or when, to do this, come talk tome.)

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If you’re using only one book in the essay, chances are that you’ll mention the author, title, and translator in the body of the paper before you even quote from it or refer to a specific passage. If you make a point of,doing so, then whenever you need to cite anything, you’ll just give the book and line number.

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