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In Jody’s Coffee Shop, I was known as the “latté lady.” I went there to write undisturbed and, well-caffeinated, I wrote. But I also became a regular, a person whose favorite drink was already being made when I walked through the door.

Politicians should have heard Stephen the critic’s daily reactions to the newspaper; Lee the teacher’s education reforms; Luis, from Mexico, on immigration policy; or Mr. Anderson, pulling his oxygen tank, on the health care system. Of course, politicians pretend to know about coffee shop – they wander through them every four years or so to shake some hands, but they’re not regulars.

I believe in the coffee shop. I believe that many of life’s problems can be solved in coffee shops. Well, not any coffee shop – I’m not advocating some sort of national “Starbucks solution.” I mean the kind of coffee shop I went to daily in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. When I lived there, I came to realize that the other residents were mostly not like me. They were more conservative, more religious, more Republican. Amidst the women, who seem never to have heard of feminism, I felt perpetually underdressed.

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I walked into the coffee shop to see red walls and chestnut brown tables throughout the small area. The sound of small-talk filled the air along with the smell of vanilla. Hope i helped:)

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The kinship between coffee-houses and the internet has recently been underlined by the establishment of wireless “hotspots” which provide internet access, using a technology called WiFi, in modern-day coffee-shops. -Mobile, a wireless network operator, has installed hotspots in thousands of Starbucks coffee-shops across America and Europe. Coffee-shop WiFi is particularly popular in Seattle—home to both Starbucks and such leading internet firms as and Microsoft.

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use reasonable assumptions on what a coffee shop would use and make money to complete the instructions for the slides.

Also, i have attached details of the interview i had with the coffee shop owner, its a small shop with 6 full-time employees only, they work 8 hours a day, the rent of
the place is KD250 a month and the salary of 1 employee is 120KD, if you need any other information feel free to come up with information but make sure its reasonable
and in Kuwaiti Dinars.

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Marian Wilson Kimber is a musicologist who teaches at the University of Iowa. She has published research about the composers, Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn, and about how poetry was recited to music in the late nineteenth century. She writes in the coffee shops of Iowa City, Iowa.

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I know that my fellow coffee drinkers have as many ideas about how to save the world as Jody’s regulars, but we don’t talk to each other about them. I suspect, however, that Miss Dot could single-handedly transform this coffee shop into a place of conversation and community.

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Jody’s coffee shop is closed now, but I still believe in it. I’ve moved to Iowa City, where the people are more like me. The women wear jeans and Birkenstocks, and the bumper stickers on the cars outside my new coffee shop express my political sentiments. Inside the walls are gray, the lighting subdued. The stereo croons old jazz standards to familiar characters: writers, mothers, teachers and newspaper readers. But the tables are arranged a polite, non-intrusive distance from each other, and only the faces staring out from the large modern paintings make eye contact with me.

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Such hotspots allow laptop-toting customers to check their e-mail and read the news as they sip their lattes. But history provides a cautionary tale for those hotspot operators that charge for access. Coffee-houses used to charge for coffee, but gave away access to reading materials. Many coffee-shops are now following the same model, which could undermine the prospects for fee-based hotspots. Information, both in the 17th century and today, wants to be free—and coffee-drinking customers, it seems, expect it to be.

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Most likely not, This is one of the many stories that have been shared with me by employees of The Coffee Shop, regular customers, and people who have never stepped foot into The Coffee Shop at....