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When Suzanne Biemiller moved away to college, she started phoning her mother to share updates about her life. Now decades later, she continues the habit because Biemiller believes those regular calls help strengthen the bonds between mother and daughter.

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Essay about your family in french

I started phoning my mother in college when distance suddenly necessitated that form of communication. Since then we have been talking on the phone regularly, even though we now live in the same city. We’ve talked about life’s big issues—should I leave a long-term boyfriend and move to another town? Can I be a good mother and work full-time at a job that I also love? When she and my father separated, our roles reversed for a while, as I listened to her questions and tried to help her articulate answers.

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When Suzanne Biemiller moved away to college, she started phoning her mother to share updates about her life

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