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As college counselors, we help students and families navigate the college search process.

My daughter suffers from severe anxiety with associated depression. She has a 3.5 gpa in spite of this. I have saved what I could but she will need help to pay and trying to not add anymore stress or anxiety to her as she worries about money as a family, She struggles everyday but always pushes through. I am searching for scholarships/grants for people like her that suffer from this. She has been accepted to two colleges so far. She wants to be a Forest Ranger and help preserve what we have.

I am a jewish woman from the United Kingdom. I have been accepted into a graduate university in Orange County, California to complete a masters degree in forensic psychology. I have been involved with jewish youth movements before, including federal zionist youth (fzy) and jewish national fund (jnf), though not in the US. I am looking for a movement or group I could be part of that would supply funding for graduate study, as I am in financial need and may not be able to go to school without it. Please contact me on if you have any information that could help me, thank you!!

Financing a college education is a concern for the majority of students. However, students with disabilities often have to overcome their disabilities, any financial burden that their disabilities may cause and find a way to find their education. These scholarships exist for college and high school students as a way to encourage students to want to succeed and reward them for their perseverance. Regular scholarships may have requirements that some students with disabilities are unable to meet. These specialized scholarships create opportunities for disabled students. There are variety of scholarships for many students and a variety of disabilities. Most importantly, these scholarships help give students the chance to achieve their goals.

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In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act required schools to accommodate the population of their student body with disabilities. One of the benefits of the act was the increase in funding for scholarships for their disabled students. Educational institutions are not the only source of funding for disabled students. Many corporations and private foundations also offer these types of scholarships. Disabled students scholarships help to motivate students to continue on with their goals of achieving a college education.

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This association offers several to help students with diabetes continue their education. To be eligible, students must be high school seniors or college students that are diagnose with diabetes. The students must reside in the following Ohio counties: Seneca, Hancock, Putnam, Wood, Hardin and Wyandot. The scholarships range from $250 to $1000 per person. The awards can be renewed annually. The are available starting in January and should be completed by March 31st.

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When students take the SAT exam early on in their college prep years, they get to know which problems they consistently struggle with, how fast they’re able to answer questions correctly, and which questions they get right nearly every time. This is very useful information for students to give to their SAT prep tutor to help target their tutoring sessions towards skills they need to improve, making each session more useful. Students will also get to know which problems they excel on, so they don’t waste valuable prep time on something they already know. Students can start out by taking a full-length practice test at home, but ultimately the only scores that count are the ones from the real SAT exam. Students who take the test early will know what to expect should they need to take it a second time.

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Taking the SAT early will also help students determine which colleges and universities they should apply to. Many students don’t know where to start when it comes to college choice so their SAT scores can help steer them in the right direction. Students can talk with their college counselor about which set of colleges they should be applying to based on their current SAT scores. It’s a good idea for students to have a couple of reach or dream schools, ones that are difficult for anyone to get into but are worth a shot. Students should also have a comprehensive list of target and safety schools, ones they are more likely to get into or nearly guaranteed to get into under normal circumstances.

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While we're known for our college counseling in Los Angeles and Boston, we also serve clients all over the country with our remote counseling service. So if you're looking for "" and you are not in LA or Boston, don't worry. We can help no matter where you are, and we do it every day.

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Our services include helping to plan high school classes and extra-curricular activities, helping families plan their standardized testing timeline, creating a balanced college list, help with college essays, and assistance with the all stages of actual college applications.

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Magellan will host several college application workshops and college essay “boot camps” for Los Angeles-area students in June, and towards the end of the summer. The purpose of each of our workshops is to help students get applications and essays done long before fall classes and senior year activities become intense. All events are three hours, […]

Orange County Community College is a two-year institution of higher education established by the authority of the State of New York and sponsored by the County of Orange.

The college admissions process – getting into college – has become stressful and complicated, not just for teenagers, but for their families as well. Magellan College Counseling helps students and families explore, prepare for and apply to the colleges that fit them academically, socially and emotionally. We do it by demystifying and simplifying the college admissions process. Our college counseling services result in a more organized and less stressful college search, and often, more college acceptances.