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This prompt will have them both comparing and contrasting both areas.

Read about different ways to rest from school in our new compare and contrast essay.
Paragraph 4: Conclusion Example 1: Block Writing Essay People are always looking forward to their vacation period There are many options where to choose.
Check out our top Free Essays on Compare And Contrast Essay Vacation to help you write your Comparison and Contrast Essay are some contrast conjunctions that you Organizing and Outlining your Compare/Contrast Essay Review the following Sample Outline and then write a similar outline.

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A Comparison or Contrast essay is an essay in which you either compare something or contrast something which car to buy, or whether to drive a car or take a bus or an airplane to a vacation site, compare and contrast essay tips.
to write a compare and contrast essay, vacation, but hesitate about Your parents have already said your family is going out to dinner tonight Point by point Compare Essay Consuming Fresh Foods Instead of

o Deciding whether to drive a car or take an airplane to vacation Brainstorming Find two subjects to compare and contrast o Two animals o Two jobs o Two people o Two characters

Read about different ways to rest from school in our new compare and contrast essay sample.
Title: Directions for the Comparison or Contrast Essay Subject: ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I Author: Robin L Simmons Description: This PowerPoint.

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⌂Home; Mail; Search; News; Sports; Finance; Weather; Games; Answers Compare and contrast a real vacation and an ideal one?.
Where to Go on Vacation: The Beach or the City It is a fact that not all the people have the opportunity to go on vacation The purpose of this essay is to contrast the differences between vacation at a beach or in a city.

This compare/contrast writing prompt focuses on vacation spots.

⌂Home; Mail; Search; News; Sports; Finance; Weather; Games; Answers Compare and contrast a real vacation and an ideal one?.
Compare Contrast Comparing; Title: A Comparison of Vacations Search: Sort By: Home; Search Essays; FAQs; Tools; Lost Essay?

Entering The Conversation: Compare/Contrast Essay

Hi Liz ,
It’s always a pleasure reading from you and I get inspired each time I read your post. Your contribution has always been of utmost help to me. Enjoy your vacation and can’t wait to have you back on board.

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I guess it’s a good issue to discuss and to compare these two means of transportation. Cars need appropriate park spaces. Moreover, car parking rates could be expensive and vary according to the time of staying. By contrast, bycicles could be parked in very small spaces and they are greatly cheaper or free of charge.

Compare and contrast: Snorkeling in Hawaii vs. the …

Hi Liz,
First, I’d like to appreciate all the effort you put through to create this valuable and informative website. Next, I wish you could have a look at my essay on the mentioned topic. knowing how busy you are, I really don’t expect you to correct my errors.
But, I would be most thankful if you just could give me some feedback on my weak spots and possibly telling me about my band score.

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I’m really beginning to regret our decision to go to Maine instead of chase the totality of the eclipse. Planning a vacation around three minutes sounded crazy at the time, but then again, I didn’t consider the fact that there’s really nothing like the totality, versus a partial eclipse. If you are getting your kids ready to discuss it, I highly recommend TinyBop’s and the vox video linked to therein. We love TinyBop’s Planets app too, especially the part that lets you compare the planet sizes.

while you’re on vacation and this essay will compare and contrast the beach to ..

Tweet; Compare and contrast essay examples are some of the easiest college essays you will ever have to write We compare and contrast things in everyday Comparison and Contrast Essay Examples; Descriptive.
Writing a college level essay needs regular practice and perfection since scrutiny of such level essays goes through thorough microscopic screening hence poorly written essays can result to low scores and poor grades.

SAMPLE compare contrast essay (non) committer the career choice he's made, the vacation spots he frequents, or the automobile he drives can offe.

You will study classification in psychology, anatomy, biology, business, and economics. It is a convenient way to organize data and simplify complex decisions, Insurance companies base rates on codes, classifying businesses according to their chance of experiencing a loss. Stockbrokers classify investments from a low to a high risk.

* The method of measurement must be clearly stated.

* Each category must be measured against the same standard: price, quality, durability, time, quantity, etc. Don't mix standards.

* Keep categories uniform. If you are rating personal incomes or prices, maintain uniform increments -- 20,000-30,000; 30,000-40,000; etc.


If your instructor does not assign a topic, you might consider one of the following items. Select a topic, then explore its possibilities using one or more prewriting strategies:

rate cars by quality, ease of repair, or sticker price
rate best to worst bosses, students, or customers you have encountered
evaluate the best to worst methods of disciplining a child
rate local daycare options by price
classify local apartments by size, price, or age
apply a personal rating system to classify movies, talk shows, or sitcoms (make sure you clearly establish your method of evaluation)
rate best to worst computer search engines
classify mutual funds or other investments by risk or current rate of return
rate stores from best to worst in service
rate airlines from best to worst based on your personal experience


Developing a classification paper is a two step process:

1. Choose a subject

2. Select and define a clear method or standard of evaluation

Keep the length of your paper in mind as you consider subjects. If you are assigned a 500 word essay, it is unlikely you can classify apartments in Manhattan in any meaningful way. It might be better to limit your subject to apartments in a single neighborhood, or a type of apartment such as lofts, or a particular price range ($1,000-$2,000 a month).

In some cases a method of classification may be clear cut, especially if you are working with numbers. You can easily classify car engines by their number of cylinders. But if you are rating subjective elements such as "desirability" or "quality" you will have to clearly define what you mean by this term:

The quality of airlines can be classified by their on-time record, their response to customer complaints, their ability to address special needs.

Talk shows can be classified by their choice of topics, their quests, and the host's attitude.

To keep your ideas straight and develop a clear outline, use a chart to guide your first draft:

Socially meaningful topics -- child custody, computer fraud, AIDS

Expert guests -- professors, authors, researchers

Thought provoking host -- seeks to summarize/explain complex ideas for a general audience


Entertaining topics -- celebrity divorces, fashion, fad diets

Celebrity guests -- movie stars, comics, singers

Entertaining host -- seeks to entertain by showcasing talent and interviewing for gossip rather than insight


Controversial topics -- sex, drugs, cults, gangs

Dysfunctional guests -- criminals, social misfits, rebels

Confrontational host -- seeks to bait guests into fights, arguments, confrontations to excite audience


If you are establishing a personal method of evaluation, state it clearly at the outset of the essay. Explain what the classification method is based on:

Having worked in the restaurant business for six years, I can classify most customers in one of four categories of tippers. . . .

If any elements might not fit into your categories, explain them clearly at the outset or conclusion of your paper.



1. Have you clearly defined your goal -- to write a division or classification paper?

2. Do you make meaningful divisions or classifications -- does your paper oversimplify a complex subject?

3. Are your categories clearly defined?

4. Do you avoid overlapping categories?

5. Do you use parallel patterns to develop categories and items?

6. In classification, do you use a single standard of evaluation?

7. Do all the parts of your subject clearly fit into a single category? Are there any items left over?