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I feel that Duror’s hate for the cone-gatherers deepens and becomes more complicated.

"Duror, who knew well, had been afraid that in her presence he might feel shamed or inspired into abandoning his scheme against the cone gatherers. In spite of her clothes, expensive though simple, of her valuable adornments such as earrings, brooches, and rings, and of her sometimes almost sense of responsibility as a representative of the ruling class, she had an ability to exalt people out of their humdrum selves. Indeed, Duror often associated not with the smell of pinewood pews or of damp bibles, but rather with her perfume, so elusive to describe. Her father the had bequeathed to her a passion for justice, profound and intelligent; and a determination to see right done, even at the expense of rank or pride... Now when he was going to lie again... he felt that he was about to commit before her eyes an gesture, such as he had falsely accused the dwarf of making."

Duror has started to plot against the cone gatherers. He has been asked to organise a deer drive and comes to see Lady Runcie-Campbell to ask that the cone gatherers act as beaters.

There are many different reasons suggested by the inspector as to why Duror dislikes the cone gatherers. One theory is that Duror’s diseased mind causes transferral of aspects of himself onto Calum.

I think that Duror feels that because the cone-gatherers are his inferior, they should not be happy if he isn’t happy.

My assumption is that the reason for Duror killing the cone gatherers was that after he had heard of their stubbornness and refusal to help Roderick, he was irate.

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The two topics I shall mainly focus on are the eventual insanity of Duror the gamekeeper and also his evil towards Calum and Neil, the two cone gatherers.

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