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However, LSA as currently practiced has some additional limitations. It makes no use of word order, thus of syntactic relations or logic, or of morphology. Remarkably, it manages to extract correct reflections of passage and word meanings quite well without these aids, but it must still be suspected of incompleteness or likely error on some occasions.

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But, Pita is saved. In the end, Aurelio is killed. So, too, is John Creasy. This is the very last shot of the film. John Creasy has become loved by the audience as the perfect judge and jury, flawless and justified. Our hero dies. By leaving us on this sadness, we are never raised out of our state of depression, yet we are somehow happy.

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Then, hope… The little girl being alive draws us from our sedation and stupor. This hope is quickly depressed to the lowest depths yet with a realization of something worse than kidnapping. If the little girl is alive, then most intelligent people will know what would have happened to her. She would have been raped in ways too morbid to describe. This is never said, but only the densest person would not think it for a moment. How could someone? Why would someone? More fear, more stress.

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examples of contextual analysis essays  Using Contextual Analysis to evaluate texts .

Next, LSA applies singular value decomposition (SVD) to thematrix. This is a form of factor analysis, or more properly themathematical generalization of which factor analysis is a specialcase. In SVD a rectangular matrix is decomposed into the productof three other matrices. One component matrix describes the originalrow entities as vectors of derived orthogonal factor values, anotherdescribes the original column entities in the same way, and thethird is a diagonal matrix containing scaling values such thatwhen the three components are matrix-multiplied, the originalmatrix is reconstructed. There is a mathematical proof that anymatrix can be so decomposed perfectly, using no more factors thanthe smallest dimension of the original matrix. When fewer thanthe necessary number of factors are used, the reconstructed matrixis a least-squares best fit. One can reduce the dimensionalityof the solution simply by deleting coefficients in the diagonalmatrix, ordinarily starting with the smallest. (In practice, forcomputational reasons, for very large corpora only a limited numberof dimensions can be constructed.)

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Landauer, T. K., & Dumais, S. T. (1996). How come you knowso much? From practical problem to theory. In D. Hermann, C. McEvoy,M. Johnson, & P. Hertel (Eds.), Basic and applied memory:Memory in context. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 105-126.

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2) I will put an example in instruction part. And I want to edit my essay (that I will put it too in instruction part) to let it similar to the instruction and looks like the example.
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The first step is to represent the text as a matrix in whicheach row stands for a unique word and each column stands for atext passage or other context. Each cell contains the frequencywith which the word of its row appears in the passage denotedby its column. Next, the cell entries are subjected to a preliminarytransformation in which each cell frequency is weighted by a functionthat expresses both the word's importance in the particular passageand the degree to which the word type carries information in thedomain of discourse in general.

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The essay assignment:
1. Read the Primary Text (I will put this text in the Instruction part).
2. Summarize that text
3. Summarize your responses to that text
4. Analyze that response based on your unique background

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Again, I will say that in all senses, this movie was possibly the best ever made in a few different genres: action flicks, “spy” movies, dual-language films (floating rapidly back and forth from English to Spanish). Creasy’s is perfect justice, and he is never flawed in choosing who should be tortured, how much, and who should die. Yet, still, was designed to make some people go insane.