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Pyrrhus and Cinéas, published one year afterShe Came To Stay, is Beauvoir’s first philosophical essay. Itaddresses such fundamental ethical and political issues as: What arethe criteria of ethical action? How can I distinguish ethical fromunethical political projects? What are the principles of ethicalrelationships? Can violence ever be justified? It examines thesequestions from an existential-phenomenological perspective. Taking thesituation of the concrete existing individual as its point ofdeparture, it provides an analysis of the ways that as particularsubjects we are necessarily embedded in the world, and inescapablyrelated to others. Though not feminist in any identifiable sense,Pyrrhus and Cinéas raises such compelling feministquestions as: Under what conditions, if any, may I speak for/ in thename of another?

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Lear is forced into an existential progression that will be traced with the phenomenon of consciousness; the result of this progression is seen ironically in that Lear finds satisfaction in despair....

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Like The Second Sex, which attended to the givens ofbiology without allowing them to determine the meaning of the subject,The Coming of Age also gives biology its due. The lack ofengagement of the aged, Beauvoir notes, is in part imposed fromwithout and in part comes from within; for as we age, the body istransformed from an instrument that engages the world into a hindrancethat makes our access to the world difficult. The point of TheComing of Age, however, is that it is unjust to use thesedifficulties to justify reducing the aged to the status of the Other.Adieux’s witnessing makes this point clearly. Howeverdiminished Sartre’s body became, it never severed him from hisprojects. He could not have sustained his work by himself, but he wasin a situation where others refused to marginalize him. They did notequate his diminished bodily capacities with a diminished humanity.The Coming of Age argues that the situation of a privilegedSartre ought to be our common destiny.

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Sade is Beauvoir’s Janus-faced ally. She does not refute his claimthat cruelty establishes a relationship between the self and theother. Sade is correct. Cruelty reveals us to each other in theparticularities and ambiguities of our conscious and fleshedexistence. The tyrant and victim, Beauvoir tells us, are a genuinecouple. They are united by the bonds of the flesh and freedom.

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These views are what we call: Existential freedom, and traditional freedom.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Existentialism. Sorry. ACT I SCENE I. Such is its over- riding interest in anyone’s exact. Also explains the historical hamlet critical essay and literary context that influenced Hamlet PSA! DoSomething. K. SPOILER: college is crazy-expensive

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The meaninglessness of life, the absence of God, the loneliness of being a thinking individual — it sounds like the existentialists weren’t the happiest group of folks, right? Not necessarily true. Read on to get an idea of what existentialism is all about.

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Key contributions: Writing the greatest and most accessible of all existential novels, developing existentialism as a philosophy of absurdity; infusing existential philosophy with compassion and genuine humanity

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Simone de Beauvoir was born on January 9, 1908. She diedseventy-eight years later, on April 14, 1986. At the time of her deathshe was honored as a crucial figure in the struggle for women’srights, and as an eminent writer, having won the Prix Goncourt, theprestigious French literary award, for her novel TheMandarins. She was also famous for being the life-long companionof Jean Paul Sartre. Active in the French intellectual scene all ofher life, and a central player in the philosophical debates of thetimes both in her role as an author of philosophical essays, novels,plays, memoirs, travel diaries and newspaper articles, and as aneditor of Les Temps Modernes, Beauvoir was not considered aphilosopher in her own right at the time of her death.

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Clarification and coherent organization of one’s ownphilosophical thinking in the light of a particular philosophical theory,thesis, attitude, or concept; or in light of an encounter with a specificphilosopher.

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The Closing of the American Mind is both deeply radical and hugely questionable. It’s radical, because it tries to explain all of contemporary American life in terms of a single principle—the solitary choices of the free individual. It’s questionable, because Bloom seems to shy away from following his key insight to its logical or existential conclusion.