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The island in the Tempest has often been interpreted as the “brave new world” by many critics....

The Tempest is set in an unidentified age on an unnamed island, which some critics have suggested evokes themes of European colonialism in the New World....

By using the Island location, similar to that of Shakespeare's The Tempest, Defoe is able to show his audience exactly what is necessary for the development of a utopian society.

In the last decades of the twentieth century adaptations and critical responses to can be broadly divided into two basic themes. Lanier describes these as one that emphasises the charming qualities of the play, "its fantasy and romantic elements and benevolent tone," and one that "focuses on the troubling legacies of colonial and patriarchal politics" (33). Adaptations in the romantic mode focus on the relationship between Ferdinand and Miranda and the issues of reconciliation, repentance and forgiveness. In this paradigm Prospero is portrayed as a benevolent father figure, protective of his only child. It is through Miranda's relationship with the shipwrecked prince that the exiled Duke is reconciled with the Milanese court. Adaptations which emphasise the colonial politics of shift the focus to the cross-cultural relationship of Prospero as the coloniser of the island and Caliban as the indigenous inhabitant who is dispossessed and subjugated. In graphic novel adaptations of the text and the illustrations are used by adapters to invoke their interpretative stance. The way this is achieved can be seen in two very different editions published by Classical Comics (CC) and SelfMadeHero (SMH).

In The Tempest, the small society of Prospero's island addresses the aspects of morality, the supernatural and politics in the larger British society.

Heart of Darkness is more special in that it has become a subject to the study of different branches of literary theory such as feminism, colonialism and post-colonialism, reader-response criticism, archetypal criticism, deconstruction, new historicism and what not.

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The Tempest can also be seen as a critique of imperialism represented by the several situations in the play that make references to colonial power between the characters.

The Tempest: Pastoral Romance or Colonial Critique?

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Essay tempest Plot summary of Shakespeare's The Tempest: Alonso, the king of Naples, is returning from his daughter's wedding in Tunis. Is accompanied by his son, Ferdinand, his.

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It is through the combination of images and text that the adapters of the CC and SMH graphic novels can interpret as either a critique of colonialism or as a pastoral romance. In the CC edition the colonial politics is emphasised by the bold, realistic illustrations which locate the action in the seventeenth century at the time of colonial expansion. The CC edition also encourages a colonial reading by focusing on the power relationship between Caliban and Prospero. Haward depicts an aggressive Prospero who imposes his will on the island and dominates the native Caliban through supernatural powers and physical violence. Though Caliban is illustrated as obviously bestial he is also shown expressing human emotions and so invites the reader to empathise with his oppressed status. When he is finally released from the subjugation of the coloniser Caliban is illustrated as the proud and free native ruler of the island. In contrast the SMH edition downplays this reading by heavily editing Caliban's dialogue and presenting a calm and paternal Prospero rather than an aggressive magician. Duffield highlights the romantic aspects of the play through the illustrations and the text accentuating the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand as a symbol of renewed hope in the future. Images of the young innocent couple dominate the graphic novel and the graphic novel is free of illustrations of aggression or violence. Duffield's setting of the play in a land that has been damaged by industrialisation is juxtaposed with his illustrations of an imagined island paradise which could be achieved by man working in harmony with nature. In this edition of the focus of the play is on healing the relationships between Prospero and the Milanese court, and man and nature, which is symbolised through the union of Ferdinand and Miranda. The CC and SMH editions of demonstrate that the adapters of Shakespeare's plays in graphic novels do not merely repeat the works but using the combination of images and text produce radically different and unique interpretations.

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This essay will attempt to examine the geographic, political and ethnic impact European colonialism has played on the development of the African, and these contributions have put Africa on its current trajectory....

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It is through a critical perspective and an anti-oppressive lens that I will discuss the evolution of racialization and criminalization in connection to minorities as well as its connection to the prison system and how it relates to crime and violence in Canad...