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Unlike The Crucible where at least a few dare to challenge the madness, no-one on the island questions the cruel ostracism of an outsider who is shipwrecked on the island
If we want to belong and be accepted it is easier to conform and comply.
The Island – Armin Greder
American Born Chinese - Yang
Texts of own Choosing
Select texts of own choosing that connect and contrast with how the concept of belonging has been explored and represented.
Mean Girls
The Mighty
Mississippi Burning
Cruel Intentions
The Unknown Terrorist – Richard Flanagan
Tales from Outer Suburbia - Shaun Tan
The essence of drama is conflict reflecting not belonging.
Each act builds frenetically to a crescendo.

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The community has been divided by Parris with his "Fire and Brimstone" attitude towards religion, but even before that Giles already hints at the trouble brewing "'s a deep thing, and dark as a pit".
The Crucible continues to resonate with audiences as a play that aptly critiques the universal issues of the power of false accusations, manifestations of mass hysteria, rumour-mongering and conformity through fear.

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Inside Black Australia - Kevin Gilbert
Jane Eyre - Sandy Welch
Mostly Harmless - Douglas Adams
Mutt Dog - Stephen Michael King
Nine Hours North - Tim Sinclair
Norm the Onion - Wendy Orr

Short Story
The Boat by Nam Le
The Penguin Book of the Road by Delia Falconer
The Rip by Robert Drewe
The Turning by Tim Winton
By Bruce Dawe

One day soon he'll tell her it's time to start packing
and the kids will yell 'Truly?' and get wildly excited for no reason
and the brown kelpie pup will start dashing about, tripping everyone up
and she'll go out to the vegetable patch and pick all the green tomatoes from the vines
and notice how the oldest girl is close to tears because she was happy here,
and how the youngest girl is beaming because she wasn't.
And the first thing she'll put on the trailer will be the bottling-set she never unpacked from Grovedale,
and when the loaded ute bumps down the drive past the blackberry canes with their last shrivelled fruit,
she won't even ask why they're leaving this time, or where they're headed for
she'll only remember how, when they came here
she held out her hands, bright with berries,
the first of the season, and said:
'Make a wish, Tom, make a wish.'
Giles Corey
Rebecca Nurse
Thomas Putnam
Ann Putnam
The Crucible can be about belonging.

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The Island - Armn Greder
The Mysteries of Belonging - Marjorie Salvodon
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Rope Ladder - Nigel Richardson
The Secret River - Kate Grenville
The Shoehorn Sonata - John Misto
The Spare Room - Kathryn Lomer
The Tempest - William Shakespeare
The Time Machine - H.G.