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Level 1 results aren’t included in the degree classification, you just need to pass them.

I’ve just completed a Modern Languages Studies (Hons) degree, and unfortunately have to report that your website did not predict the correct classification for me. It had forecast a First, but although I achieved all the grades I entered in your calculator, I only came out with an Upper Second. I realize that you have a disclaimer about accuracy, but do hope you will give this message some prominence because the disappointment I’ve felt has been really profound and has taken the joy out of completing my degree.

I’m in the midst of doing the psych degree myself. The regulations on it are quite strict due to the BPS. I think (not 100% sure) that only the modules specified in the qualification would count. If you have had approval from the qualifications director you can sometimes use a non standard set but without that I don’t think E313 would be counted as L3 but rather as one of the optional modules (ie as L1 in effect) and your transferred in credit may be in the same boat ie neither would count in the calculation and you could only count DSE212, ED209, DD303 and DD307 (DXR222 wouldn’t count as it has the lowest mark and takes you over 120 points at L2).

In the Modern Languages degree (B30) there are compulsory modules, as the administrator suggested. So one of your module results will be discounted in the final classification. I am doing this degree in french and English, and the only modules which can be counted towards the class are both level 2 and level 3 French, and both level 2 and a level 3 english. You might get a great result for your optional module (which is a level 2 or 3 module) but unfortunately it won’t count to the final classification. The module description does make this clear, though I’m guessing a few people might not be aware of it.

The psychology degree I did requires some compulsory modules. I have marked these with an asterix. These are below with my pass and the level.

I got a very disappointing and unexpected EMA result in one level 2 module that dragged down the entire module by a grade. Having got Grade 3 for both Level 2 modules, I thought I could only ever achieve a 2:2. That was my interpretation from the .PDF and from comments from other Open Degree students.

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I only have 180 credits worth of modules available to input into the calculator as half of my degree (180 points) was credit transfer, how can I calculate the final grade using this tool as it keeps telling me I need at least 240 points?

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Brilliant tool! So simple to use and takes all the confusion out of trying to work out your degree level yourself! Thank you

“The most pertinent example is perhaps that deficiencies in an applicant’s secondary school leaving qualifications may affect his or her first degree qualifications, or partial qualifications at first degree level, to such an extent that full recognition at first degree level cannot be granted. However, it should be emphasized that this would be an exceptional situation.

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A number of other universities specifically stated that they would not accept the Indian three-year Bachelor’s degree, and would only accept an Indian four-year degree or an Indian Master’s degree for entry to a Master’s program.

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The Indian program of secondary education extends over twelve years, like that in the United States, but unlike that in the United Kingdom, which also awards three-year bachelor’s degrees whilst having a thirteen-year program of secondary education. The Indian system culminates in a wide variety of school-leaving examinations, of which the Standard XII examinations are the most prominent. One argument against the acceptance of the three-year Indian bachelor’s degree put forward by some who, by contrast, do accept the British three-year degree, is that Indian Standard XII qualifications are not equivalent to British A levels. Accordingly we sought to establish the policy of British universities as far as accepting the Indian Standard XII as the equivalent of British A levels for the purpose of admission to a bachelor’s program was concerned.

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British undergraduate admissions are centralized through the national Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (U.C.A.S.) U.C.A.S. details its policy on the acceptance of Indian school-leaving qualifications in its publication “International Qualifications for entry to Higher Education (2005 Entry).” On page 17, it indicates that a good performance at Standard XII is an acceptable qualification for entry to a bachelor’s degree program at a British university,

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This position may provide a significant reason to regard these Indian three-year B.A.s as of equivalent or higher standing than their U.S. counterparts, notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. degree is spread over four rather than three years. The U.S. four-year bachelor’s degree commonly represents 1800 hours and 120 credits, which is significantly less than the Indian three-year degrees referenced above.