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Keller’s many paintings express intricate detail, and genuine quality....

The woman represents the focal point, not only because she is the largest figure in the painting, but also because everything else is slightly in darkness....

These innovators included Masaccio in painting, It was Masaccio (1401-28) who, in his brief and amazing career, was the real successor of Giotto and revolutionized Florentine painting....

During the essay he will deliberately avoid most public and visual manifestation which was the museum, according to Robert Nelson (The Map of Art History, 28).

and then spread to northern Italy and other parts of Europe” as defined by a website containing nothing but art terms, is the time period that I chose to analyze how religion was used through paintings as ammunition for the Counter-Reformation.

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For example, certain techniques that were used to define the Baroque Art, major sculptures, architectures, and paintings, and also just some general background information about this time period....

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Here, these two paintings have similar themes both at the extreme beginnings and endings of the Italian Renaissance, and as such they serve to present an exceptional example of the developments in art that occurred w...

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I am indebted to an article by Nitin Kumar (2007) which encapsulates the key point here. In discussing a passage in the Ramayana in which the beauty of the heroine Sita is said to exhibit remarkable beauty despite her desperate condition he remarks 'This description however, puts focus only on the physical, and rightly so, for the physical sphere is the locus of the manifestation of internal qualities'. This is a central point in understanding not just the aesthetic but how it must have impacted upon women in ancient India. Piety, fidelity, learning, spiritual achievement were valued, but unlike the modern world which sees their attainment as quite independent from physical beauty people (or at least poets) in India expected inner achievements to be expressed in physical forms, and likewise physical form was taken to be a sign of inner achievement.

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The Aesthetics of Perceptual Simultaneity exhibition of the Florida International University Frost Museum, I have chosen to study the painting Etude Golden Arrow II (translated “Study Golden Arrow II,” pictured above) by French-Canadian artist Edward Judd.

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The literary sources also provide colour to the artistic remains that survive. Ancient statues would would have been painted (Kumar, 1984) and ancient viewers would have been used to a formal set of colours in their artistic appreciation. In fact the ancient aesthetic would have found our monochrome view of the past rather odd. To the people who lived it the past was a vibrant, colorful, even gaudy, place. It is only the passage of time that robs it of hue and gives the austere look we associate with antiquity. The Sangam poets of South India (who are roughly contemporary with the Kushan period) help us to restore some of the details, 'skin like gold', and 'the darkness of black full tresses', as well as the make up that produced 'black-rimmed eyes' and a 'mouth red as coral' (Varma, 2004: 96-99). The same colours appear in later sources and, muted by time, in the cave paintings of sites like Ajanta.

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This painting caught my eye when we were focusing on Impressionism and Expressionism in class and I immediately recognized the painting when I saw it in the Carnegie Museum....

The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture, wherein the subject is reduced to its necessary elements

Water Lilies is actually a series of roughly two-hundred fifty separate, but very similar, paintings of water lilies; however, I have chosen to focus on the one located at the Carnegie Museum of Art (“Water Lilies”).