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Essay on bad effects of plastic bags.

439.) Federal Specification, Opener, Can, FF-O-601aJuly 29, 1957 Superseding FF-O-601 September 25, 1942. Also includes the InterimSpec Amendment 1 dated 12 February 1960. This specification covers can openersused for cutting the tops out of circular, elliptical, or rectangular cans ofall sizes up to and including 10 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter orwidth, unless otherwise specified hereinafter. 16 pages on all type of canopeners. $4.00

437.) Military Specification, Molding Plastic,Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, Rigid, MIL-M-22544, 18 July 1960. Thisspecification covers the requirements for plastic materials that can beprocessed into rigid shapes by injection molding, compression molding, extrusionand calendaring. 6 pages of technical info, $2.00

436.) Federal Specifications Leather; Cattlehide,Vegetable-Tanned; and Soles, Leather, KK-L-165 April 24, 1956 and Amendment 1November 20, 1959. Superseding Fed Spec. KK-L-261c June 9, 1948. This is a largespecification of30 pages showing examples of good and bad leather in actualsample cuts from sole shaped pieces of leather. $7.50

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20.) Metallurgical Examination of a Japanese Samurai Sword. Watertown ReportNo. 739 / 87 25 Sept 1946 Shortly after World War II the Watertown Arsenalperformed a study on the mythical cutting powers of a Samurai Sword. Here is aphotocopy made from that original report from 1946. It is 19 pages longcontaining the full text of the report and microscopic photos of the grainstructure of the sword. The sword used was a war trophy captured from a Japanesesoldier. Here's the straight scoop of these highly sought after weapons. Thesehistoric documents are in the public domain and are available here to save thecollector and researcher time and money from finding them yourself. Card stockcovers. 19 pages $5.75

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(later General) Henry Scrapnel (sometimes spelled as "Shrapnel") of the British Army. This term has been used in the past to define shell fragments from most kinds of bursting projectiles, not necessarily anti-personnel types. Currently, the more accurate term "shell splinter" is in general use.

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The value of F decreases with as the pointedness of the projectile increases.

4. Inferior strength on the end of the shell exposed to lift. Most shell makers are using paper cans these days. With proper design, the paper can shell can be made with dignified performance. Some shell makers place a cardboard or chip board disc on both ends of the shell. Some disc only the lift end. Some place a disc inside and outside the paper cap of the can. Others disc only the outside, while still others disc only the inside. There are variations within each technique, such as disc thickness, double discing on the outside of the shell or combinations of discing with paper tape sealing or glue sealing. All of the above techniques are used extensively and successfully among shell makers. The key factor is to achieve the required strength and flame barrier seal, to withstand the lift forces when the shell is fired.

For example, the famous of World War II used 20 x 110RB casings.

Most other magnets are way too weak and will not work unless you spin themagnets incredibly fast, at thousands of RPM (revolutions perminute.)

If you can't wait for mail-order of the correct magnets, instead you can use twenty of the Radio Shack 1" magnets 64-1879Glue them together to form two large magnets.

The disadvantages of plastics: Plastics bags are make of a non-renewable resource, which gives us more reasons to use recyclable shopping bags.

99.) Army Ordnance Book No. 2032 History of Trench Warfare Material 1917 -1919. Just the section on the Flaming bayonet comprising slightly less thentwo pages. This is a general overview of the Flaming Bayonet types tested butnever standardized. $1.00

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Disadvantages of using plastics are: Plastic products that contain a variety of additives are toxic

(To make the sides flat, I laid each stack down on aluminum foil, pressed them down to align the magnets, then peeled off the foil when the glue was hard.) Next, glue two of these 5-magnet stacks together side by side so the stacks are repelling each other.

Some disadvantages of using plastics are that they have a long life cycle, can have a negative environmental impact, contribute to health problems and are a choking or breathing hazard

Proper shell design and close attention to details are necessary ingredients to eliminating the flower pot problem. Once design details have successfully overcome the flower pot problem, workers must develop consistent work habits (in a manufacturing situation) to assure the quality of each shell, thereby eliminating the random occurrence of the flower pot dud. - WO