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The home working policy sets out its key components and provides:  Definitions and assumed benefits of occasional, regular and mobile based home workers  Eligibility criteria for staff to work from home  Practical considerations for effective home working  Responsibilities for managers, staff and HR to support home working Background Bolton Council recognising that changes to the traditional work...

Less negative influences
Sadly, an office is riddled with a few people that take joy into bringing everyone around them down. This is not done by the gossiping & competition I talked about above. This is the lingo that is used daily by people in the office. Some people will just complain about everything and it affects the psyche of everyone around them. I have seen people with great potential have their momentum & motivation completely destroyed in a matter of weeks simply because they were spending their breaks and lunches with these office “parasites” that will badmouth the company at any given opportunity. When working from home, you do not have to deal with these types of people. You only have to answer to yourself, and as long as you keep a positive outlook, you will have nothing to worry about.

Closer relationship with kids/family

Obviously, if you are home more often, you will dramatically increase the chances of spending quality time with your loved ones, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? I know I would have loved for my parents to have been home more often when I was a kid, so this is a huge positive that cannot be denied. Working from home allows you to have such freedom which you just cannot put a price tag on.

Less stress & anxiety
Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 people I know that had to take extended time off from work due to stress, burnouts, and the likes. I’ve never ever heard of that from anyone working from home. An office can bring about a lot of competition, gossip, and backstabbing among co-workers. This type of environment takes its toll after a while both mentally and physically. Working from home will save you these headaches.

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Being a telecommuter myself for three years now, I can say that working from home has made me more productive than when I was in an office. The flexibility of work schedule and the freedom of where to work resulted to much lesser stress and thus better productivity.

[...] The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home [...]

One key thing to do, if you have the square footage, is to block off the area from which you work. Although there are advantages to having your home at your immediate disposal while you’re at work, and vice versa, an actual physical barrier between the two areas helps make for a mental barrier as well. When the work day comes to an end, there is value in ‘unplugging’ from the work.

[...] The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home [...]

[...] The Advan­tages and Dis­ad­van­tages of Work­ing from Home | Free­lance Apple [...]

Yes! I agree with some points. Working from home is really a big cut on our budget. I have been working from home for almost a year now and it’s really a totally different experience. During quick breaks, I get to cuddle with my kid for a couple of minutes.

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I personally think working from home has so many benefits. You don’t have constant noise of people talking, typing and doing what ever else they do. That saying, working from home, yes true you can get distracted easily, but same applies to at work office.

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Today is my 1 month anniversary of going FT freelancer – and there have been a few challenges in the working from home arrangement, but they seem to be smoothing themselves out.

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Once you’ve got that out of the way and you treat working from home much in the same way as working from a cubicle, it can prove to be an effective solution.

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I agree with Yoana. Working from home provides a great deal more flexibility, and, I might add, a far more pleasing work environment. I much prefer the comfort convenience of home than having to slog through traffic just to sit in a dull, gray cubicle for nine hours. And, as she also points out, the need to show concrete results, and maintain a steady income to pay the bills, is enough enough motivation to stay focused.

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Before you say goodbye to that office environment, “you have to determine if you have the personality to feel happy and fulfilled working 100 percent from home,” Crawford says. If the answer is no, she says, maybe a better option is to “talk to your boss about trying to work your current job from home a few days a week.”

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You have all raised some good points here. I guess I am just a bit skeptical and maybe lacking a little in trust. If i weren’t self-employed, I would be concerned that I was wasting time at home. Similarly, if I had employees working from home I would be thinking “I bet you Barry is sitting at home watching Oprah instead of working right now”.