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 Double Consciousness and the Veil by W E B Du Bois Summary and Analysis

David Chalmers provides his insight on consciousness by first identifying the easy problems presented by consciousness, then the hard problem that is puzzling and one that can’t be fully explained.

The first is that the Dusk of Dawn treatment of the issues issubsumed much more fully under a thematics of“environment”, articulated as social, geographical, andcultural in its dimensions and both dynamic and relatively stable inhistorical terms. Writing about “the facts of the Negro’sdouble environment”, Du Bois, characterizes the situationthus:

Despite the subjective nature of consciousness, perceived by many to be a personal and private aspect of human existence, neurobiologists are investigating and measuring objective characteristics of introspective reasoning and associated elements of morality.

How Experiencing Double Consciousness Influences the Development Who Was W E B Du Bois

Daydreaming is “a common variation of consciousness in which attention shifts to memories and desires, away from the immediate situation” (Zimbarbo 332).

Double consciousness comes in much later in a child's life.

This passage is surely aimed against the debilitating effects of thefacts of life for Black folk in the Jim-Crow south. In it Du Boisurges the reader’s resistance against the submersion of hercherished ideal—equality qua“brotherhood”—by those brute facts of life. And thatis resistance to the pernicious double consciousness that would buryour intimate self-understanding under a dominant white supremacistrationalization of racial inequality. Such resistance involves anexpanded, and expansive, conception of “this our world”,one that owns the world in all its manifold, stunning, and appallingcomplexity.

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My Introduction to Psychology textbook defines consciousness as,” the subjective experience of perceiving oneself and ones surroundings.” (Kalat, 2011, p.342).

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In a sub-section of the Phenomenology of Spirit entitled ‘Independence and Dependence of Self-Consciousness: Lordship and Bondage’, Hegel describes the development of self-consciousness, and that while he agrees with the notion put forth by earlier philosophers that an individual is aware of himself as a conscious being and a subject, he also advances the argument that other beings (and fellow subjects) are objects from the point of view of the primary subject (self)....

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Gooding-Williams argues that this paradox can be overcome bydistinguishing the narrative authority of Souls from thehistorical author of the text. It is the narrator of Souls,and not Du Bois himself, who has escaped double-consciousness. Thismay work for Souls as a literary text, but it doesn’thelp make a consistent theory of black political leadership plausible,suggesting as it does that no actual black political leader is immunefrom double-consciousness. Another possible resolution to the paradox,one not readily available to Gooding-Williams given hisinterpretation, involves the liberatory potential of a second sightthat penetrates to the contradictions of the dominant white culturalmilieu, and so opens up the possibility for undermining andsubsequently rejecting its biased assumption about black folk (whatHenry calls “potentiated second sight”).

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The first question, one Gooding-Williams identifies as a paradox,concerns Du Bois’s apparent invulnerability todouble-consciousness. If double-consciousness is indeed endemic to“Negroes”—if it was, in a sense, a structuralproblem for any Negro consciousness under conditions of JimCrow—then how exactly could Du Bois himself write as though hehas transcended or surmounted it, and achieved himself the “trueself-conscious manhood”? And if not, how can the account hepresents be taken as veridical? Although Du Bois never explicitlymakes the claim that he himself is free from double-consciousness, hedoes seem to have written as though his theoretical vision wasrelatively unclouded by an internal soul-struggle. And yet Du Boisalso clearly introduces his conception of double-consciousness in thecontext of an account of his own personal experience and as, in part,based on that experience.

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Some recent commentators have rejected the claim thatdouble-consciousness, in the sense of internalized disparagement or aself-perception of inferiority, has been a universal feature of blacklife in America. Molefi Kete Asante, discussing his own experiencegrowing up in and around the small town of Valdosta, Georgia, in the1950s, writes that