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Some columnists focus on particular issues such as national politics, local current events, food, parenting, or sports. Others write on a variety of topics. By reading several columns by the same writer, a researcher can begin to determine the writer’s attitudes and politics more broadly.

The fourth workshop features the classrooms of two teachers: sixth-grade language arts teacher Jenny Beasley and fifth-grade teacher Jack Wilde. Both are teaching units on persuasive writing that allow students to write about topics that matter to them—topics drawn from their experiences within their own communities.

For Jenny's students, the definition of community is wide-ranging—it includes their families, their school, and their town. But under this broad umbrella, Jenny encourages her students to think specifically and concretely about issues that interest them. The students begin by exploring a range of possible editorial topics. When we catch up with the class, they already have narrowed their focus to one issue. Now, with Jenny's help, the students are laying the groundwork for effective and authentic editorials by stating their opinions, identifying their audiences and purposes, and beginning to think about support for their points of view.

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Is the opinion in this part of the newspaper that of the editorial staff, of a local columnist or cartoonist, of a syndicated columnist or cartoonist, or of someone else? What do you know about the person or people whose opinions are expressed? It can sometimes be helpful to read several opinion pieces from the same source to get a sense of the individual or editorial board’s views on a number of issues so that you can start to identify common themes.

Interesting Topics: Editorial Topics to Write About

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Other people - including writers and public figures - have the opportunity to express their views on subject by writing a column that applies specifically to their opinions and not those of a group. Every citizen is free to voice his or her opinion by writing a letter to the editor, which may appear (at the editor's discretion) in the newspaper's editorial section alongside other opinion pieces.

. Brainstorm with students on ideas for opinion articles. Write the students ideas on the board. Here are some ideas:

How to Write an Editorial | The Pen and The Pad

Historically, some newspapers have had a particular editorial bent, leaning in one political direction or another. In some larger communities, there might be two or more newspapers, each with a strong affiliation with a particular political party or set of political ideals. Readers could then choose the newspaper that they wished to read based on their own interests. Journalists today typically strive to maintain objectivity — presenting a story without bias — but readers can still choose from among many different media outlets, and there are still often distinct differences in the ways in which different newspapers, television news channels, and radio networks present news about the same issues.

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4. Discuss with them how to write a convincing opinion article/persuasive essay. The writer must research the topic and come up with a variety of information that can be used to build a compelling argument.

Techniques and strategies for writing persuasive or argumentative essays

Take a look through the editorial sections from The Globe and Mail () and The National Post () two papers which are distributed to many places across Canada. Check out SNN's Newsroom ‘' section for links to local newspapers. Look at the Editorial Section

Editorial - The Jamaica Observer

Today, most newspapers set aside particular sections of the newspaper for columns, illustrations, and letters that express opinion, clearly separating factual reporting from these less objective features. Newspapers often have an editorial section that features the opinions of editors and, frequently in the same section of the newspaper, an Op-Ed page that features other opinions. However, it’s important to remember historical newspapers were not always organized like the newspapers we read today, so you may find opinion columns mixed in with “news” in a historical newspaper without a section heading or other marker to help you tell which is which.

Writing persuasive or argumentative essays

The opinion of the editor or editorial board of a newspaper will often appear in an official statement from the editor(s) called an . Editorials are a newspaper’s official stance on specific issues and can cover politics as well as social or cultural issues. Editorial boards will often endorse candidates in upcoming elections, and reading the editorials from various newspapers on the same topic can give the researcher a good sense of the general political leaning of a particular source. Editorials are usually separated from news reporting so that readers can know when they are reading a factual new report that tries to be objective and when they are reading the opinion of the editors of the newspaper.