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Mark Edmundson’s essay: “Today is evaluation day in my Freud class, and everything has changed.

You should
rely heavily on textual evidence from Edmundson’s essay (be sure it’s correctly
formatted and integrated), but may also use anecdotal evidence and draw from
personal experience.

This is where you develop and support
your own argument, framing it in reference to Edmundson’s claims, which you will
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have already established in the first part of the essay.

Your thesis can be a correctinginterpretations-,
filling-the-gap-, or modifying-what-others-have-said-model (see pages
101-103 in From Inquiry to Academic Writing).
Use the four steps of a Rogerian argument, described on page 63 of From
Inquiry to Academic Writing, to help shape the body of the paper; in this case, however,
you’re not addressing readers’ views, but Edmundson’s.
In the first part of the body (steps 1 & 2) you need to establish what
Edmundson’s claims are, those that are relevant to your own argument (you should not
be summarizing the essay as a whole).

At the very least, this must include the bibliographic information forEdmundson’s essay, as found in our textbook.

5-7 pages) taking a
Rogerian approach to developing an argument in response to Mark Edmundson’s essay “On
the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students.” The point
of this essay is not to prove Edmundson right or wrong, but to use his claims as a framework
for developing and supporting an argument of your own.

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Edmundson demonstrates an idealist attitude
He manages to keep his audience fully engaged and has them thinking critically throughout the entire essay with his use rhetorical questions
Page 40: He writes, “I don’t teach to amuse, to divert, or even, for that matter to merely be interesting.” Edmundson’s goal is to have his students changed by his course.

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11/2/2009 · Edmundson’s essay begins with a short story regarding his evaluation day

Why is this effective?
Throughout all ten pages of the essay, Edmundson uses a sardonic tone as he blames the attitudes of the students on the consumer based society that Americans are enthralled in.

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At the end of each of his paragraphs, Edmundson places a topic sentence to summarize his main point of the paragraph, which all work together to support the thesis of the entire essay.

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Structure and Organization
Edmundson bypasses the typical essay, which usually includes: an introduction, a clear thesis, body paragraphs supporting the thesis, and a conclusion.

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By directly recognizing the fact that he sounds harsh and cynical and continuing on with no sense of remorse, the audience realizes that Edmundson is fully committed to his claims regardless if they are widely supported by others.
Due to the fact Edmundson displays almost no positivity in terms of the United States' current college education system, he creates a negative, contradicting attitude throughout the essay.
Page 41: Edmundson writes , “Strong emotional displays are forbidden.