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Such mortality rates are very uncommon now due to better medical practice and preventative drugs, both of which were not available in Athens at that time, as well as the fact that the Greeks didn’t understand about contagious diseases.

During the archaic period there was a growing elevation of individualism. Individuality and uniqueness, virtually an awareness of self was a main issue within art and philosophy. In archaic Greece there was increased prosperity and mobility this allowed for old ways of life to be overcome and people were more susceptible to finding ones self in other words individuality stood out. Poetry and sculpture show a more personal approach and attention to intellectual and personal detail. Personal feelings were reflected within art. In poetry men and women's sexuality and feelings about sexuality were free territory to discuss a practice which was uncommon prior to this period. Sculpture emerged as a principle form of artistic expression. There were magnificent statues of nude walking youths. Draped female sculptures from the archaic period suggested.

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