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The individuals to be interviewed were randomly selected. All persons interviewed were above the age of 18. However, individuals who were extremely intoxicated at the time of the interview or incoherent were excluded from the interview. The questionnaires contained 20 questions. The questions were framed in a manner to effectively give and show the history and clinical data of the concerned person. This was the individual’s history dealing with homelessness, alcohol use and their health (Rossi, 1991). The questions addressed both mental and physical health. Data was collected on the housing stability, the value of life, the mental capacity and the substance use by the interviewees. As pertains to the drug use, data was collected on the types of drugs used, the frequency of use and the results of using the drugs. Data used for the analysis was collected from one hundred people.

This structural transformation in the American economy was highly exacerbated by the conservative, neo-classical fiscal policies of the Reagan administration. These policies followed on the heels of the recession of the late 1970s which, by 1982, had left 10 percent of the workforce unemployed.15 They included: (i) a tight monetary policy characterized by high interest rates, benefiting wealthy creditors while impeding economic growth, (ii) economic deregulation and a favorable stance towards corporate mergers, (iii) the "reduction of top individual and corporate income tax rates", and (iv) an unequal taxing scheme which took a greater share of income away from low income families in comparison with those with greater income.16 These policies, along with others part of the "Reaganomics" fiscal program, contributed to the creation of 9 to 10 million more poor people in the 1980s, the increasing "feminiziation of poverty" in the United States, the rise of an "urban underclass" in the inner cities, and the widening relative gap between the rich and the poor within American society.17 All of these factors had a significant impact on the rise in homelessness throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Indeed, while the economy surged upwards in the mid-i 980s, as Patterson suggests, "the social damage imposed by [this legacy] was severe and lasting."18

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While there is no generally accepted "magic number" with
respect to the

prevalence of addiction disorders among homeless adults, the
frequently cited figure

of about 65% is probably at least double the real rate for current

disorders among all single adults who are homeless in a year.

POVERTY Homelessness and poverty are inextricably linked.

According to the

Federal Task Force on Homelessness and Severe Mental Illness, only
5-7% of

homeless persons with mental illness require institutionalization;
most can live in the

community with the appropriate supportive housing options (Federal
Task Force on

Homelessness and Severe Mental Illness, 1992).

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In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects....

This study found that 6.5% (12
million adults

nationwide) of the respondents had been literally homeless at some
point in their

lives, and that 3.6% (6.6 million adults nationwide) of the
respondents had

experienced homelessness (literal or doubled up) between 1989-1994
(Link et al.,


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The Federal Plan to Break the Cycle of Homelessness uses this

corrected to include children, to estimate that between 4.95 million
to 9.32 million

people (with a mid-point of 7 million) experienced homelessness in the
latter half of

the 1980s.

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The type of source I will use is informal sources because from reading the articles on Curves the formal sources thinks that Curves work-out plan is not effective.

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700,000+/night; 2 million/year (1999)

The 500,000-600,000 estimate is sometimes updated by using a projected
rate of

increase of 5% a year to produce an estimate of over 700,000 people
homeless on

any given night, and up to 2 million people who experience
homelessness during one

year (National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 1999).

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group of people, often referred to as "the unsheltered" or "hidden"

frequently stay in automobiles, camp grounds, or other places that

cannot effectively search.

Does homelessness cause alcoholism

Regardless of the time period over which the study was conducted, many

will not be counted because they are not in places researchers can
easily find.

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Point-in-time studies do not
accurately identify

these intermittently homeless people, and therefore tend to
overestimate the

proportion of people who are chronically homeless -- particularly
those who suffer

from severe mental illness and/or addiction disorders and who
therefore have a

much harder time escaping homelessness and finding permanent housing.