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Makeup, clothes, hair, and appearance are a priority while homework, studying, and fitness are neglected by young people. A couple of years ago my uncle graduated from Temple. During the ceremony there was a student announced cum laude. She was an unsightly girl, but everyone in the room knew that she would likely be successful in her class. In my family I have beautiful cousins who believe that being pretty will guarantee success. I believe it’s a great combination to have both brains and beauty, but if I had to choose I would pick brains.

I have had an intercourse with the world, the special intercourse of writers and readers.”
“Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.”
Speaking for myself, the way Sacks’ work has touched my life has been its own enormous privilege. comments

The one is the apotheosis of mere beauty, in clouds of millinery glory and a heaven of flirting; the other is solid enjoyment, with brains to talk to by the side and beauty to look at opposite, in just the disposition that makes life perfect.

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But in those days he wanted beauty that does not last, and cared nothing for brains which do; and so, having made his election he must abide by it, and eat bitter bread from the yeast of his own brewing.

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She is very lovely certainly, and people crowd her drawing-room to look at her; but a plain-featured, sensible, shrewd woman, with no beauty to speak of but with tact and cleverness, would have helped him in his career far better than does his brainless Venus.

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The brain lets a person know if they’re hungry, tired, happy, sad, angry, upset, or excited all while reminding the body’s lungs to breathe, heart to beat, stomach to digest food, and many other involuntary actions.1 While the brain is a very efficient organ, things can go wrong and affect the brain negatively....

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Each woman may have been beautiful in her youth, and each man may have loved his own very passionately; but if she have nothing to supplement her beauty—if she have no brains to fall back on, by which she can be educated up to her husband's present social position as the wife of his successful maturity—she is a mistake.

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It is only as we grow older that we know the value of brains, and, while still admiring beauty—as indeed who does not?—admire it as one passing by on the other side—as a grace to look at, but not to hold, unless accompanied by something more lasting.

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If nature proved herself but a stepmother to her, and left out the best part of her wits while taking such especial care of her face, it is no fault of hers; but the intellectual fool is a case of maladministration of powers, for which she alone is responsible; and in this particular alternative between beauty and brains, without a shadow of doubt we would go in for beauty.