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His novel The Time Machine mingled science, adventure, and political comment.


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Wells is the father
figure behind all of them, the prophet who showed that we can
sometimes best understand the present by projecting its
concerns into an alternative world constructed by a leap of the


Wells had many events and people around him whose influences were seen in The Time Machine.

The Time Machine was an adventurous science fiction novel about a Time Traveler, the inventor of a time machine who traveled to the year 802,701 A.D....

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The possibilities of the future are endless, but The Time Machine clearly goes to show that the fate of the future will be what we as a society make of it, and the possibilities and impossibilities are merely consequence.

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The movie "The Time Machine" will add interest and variety to the study of evolution.

The third law has lead a checkered life, as Zemansky5 puts it, replete with controversy and confusion. It took some thirty years from the time Nernst first annunciated it for most physicists to finally agree on its wording and meaning. Some, like Rolf Haase, maintain that in some cases the 3rd law results directly from the 1st and 2nd laws, sometimes the 3rd law is more complicated than the Nernst theorem, and, in any case, the 3rd law isn't worthy of being called a law. On the other hand, C.B.P. Finn states that consequences of the 3rd law are observed experimentally, and this is evidence of its validity and importance.

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This is because in the epilogue the Time Traveller was not around to tell the story, as he went missing The Time Traveller comes across arrogant, as he believes he knows best, and nothing could go wrong....

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At the same time, Wells also left
an interminable influence on the Victorian era by fighting the
oppressive moral constraints like communism, class distinction, and social

Well's "The Time Machine" - M.A

His influences from his parents,
family background, socialist beliefs, and the scientific knowledge that
he earned from Huxley and Darwin are greatly seen in the various
aspects of the novella The Time Machine.

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The graph of T against S shown in Figure 5 physicists call a Carnot cycle. It represents an ideal machine that runs by withdrawing some heat from a high temperature reservoir and rejecting waste heat to the low temperature reservoir. The rejected heat is unavailable for work in the present cycle; so, the machine has an efficiency less than 1.0. None of the details of the machine have any importance at the present time, except to note that the Carnot engine is the most efficient heat engine possible that works between the two reservoirs.

Wells’s The Time Machine that won’t ..

Wells wrote of Huxley six years after publishing The Time Machine,
that, as a student, he believed Huxley was "the greatest man I was likely
to meet, and I believe that all the more firmly today" (Firchow).

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The amount of work the Carnot engine does equals the area enclosed by the cycle. Because the Carnot cycle operates over a rectangular cycle in the T-S plane, the calculation is trivial. Work equals the change in S times (Th-Tc) while the heat withdrawn is just the change in S times Th. So efficiency becomes 1-Tc/Th. An efficiency of 1 is possible if Tc equals absolute zero. Being able to expel waste heat to a reservoir at absolute zero makes it possible to build a machine with efficiency of 1 without violating the second law; or in other words, to build a machine that withdraws heat from a reservoir, does work, and has no other effect on the universe. The 2nd Law is satisfied since an infinitesimal amount of heat rejected to a reservoir at Tc=0 could increase entropy enough to offset the decrease that occured in drawing heat from the high temperature reservoir. This is where dividing by zero in the definition of entropy comes back to bite us. Not having a third law leaves the door to the perpetual motion work shop ajar. A perpetual motion machine of the third kind is one that has a cold reservoir at absolute zero.