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We are all human, we can all make mistakes. When I edit my paper myself, I do find little flaws or just some things that can be improved here and there. But when I have to proofread my essay myself, it is very easy to overlook some details. It is not enough to just edit my paper myself. This is why we all could use a paper grader’s fresh view. A second opinion never hurts anybody, especially that of a professional paper rater.

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[tags: essays on writing]647 words(1.8 pages)Better Essays[preview] What Makes an Effective Writer and Learner Essay - This essay will describe and analyse my prior experiences during the course, related with what I have learnt about myself as a writer and learner.

I also was unable to place myself into the viewpoint of the reader making me ineffective in connecting with the audience.

One of the newest styles of music that has broken out is a generally unrecognized genre of music called "Geek Rock." By taking the meaningful lyrics of Emo, the heavy guitar riffs of Grunge, and the do-it-yourself attitude of Indie rock, this genre forms a new-wave approach to music.

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[tags: final personal reflection]977 words(2.8 pages)Strong Essays[preview] Essay About Myself as a Writer - I have learned a lot about myself in the last twelve weeks.

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Title Length Color Rating Essay About Myself as a Writer - I don’t consider myself a very good writer.

[tags: Essay About Myself]1291 words(3.7 pages)Good Essays[preview] Essay About Myself as a Writer - A common goal for many writers is to connect with their audience.

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[tags: Essay About Myself]1028 words(2.9 pages)Better Essays[preview] Essay About Myself as a Writer - I am not, by any means, a Shakespeare, Stephen King, or John Grisham.

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In ten years I can see myself having many of my goal accomplished, if not accomplished, I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfill my life....

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If your memory be lost, how will you be the same man?" — Voltaire Perhaps even Voltaire took a look in the mirror and questioned the same things I ask myself every day.

as I step out into the world, where do I see myself in ten years, as a twenty ..

[tags: Free Essay About Myself]501 words(1.4 pages)Strong Essays[preview] Essay about What I Learned this Semester about Myself as a Writer - Over the course of this semester I learned a lot about myself as a writer.

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[tags: Reflective Writing Education Essays]1272 words(3.6 pages)Strong Essays[preview] My Growth as a Writer Essay - In my past writing assignments it seemed to be that we were learning everything step by step, where as in college more is expected from me as a writer.

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It seems strange to me that starting earlier for a college paper and working twice as hard on it, receiving a lower grade on it than I would have in high school is upsetting to think about, but is so true....