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In Sumer in the third millennium BCE, about 80% of the population lived in cities so that they could sleep behind fortifications to protect against attack. However, about 80-90% of the population was engaged in agriculture. Before industrialization, the vast majority of civilized populations were involved in agriculture, as the surplus could only support a small non-agricultural population, which was comprised of professionals and the elite. All elites for all time have engaged in conspicuous economic consumption as the mark of their status, as a form of . Until the Industrial Revolution, except for the brief , the primary preoccupation of all people for all time has been food security, as hunger was a constant specter. Just as the , it also defines the fortunes of civilizations.

As has been , and will become more evident, scientific orthodoxy and I do not agree on everything, far from it. Not only is mainstream science imprisoned by , as paradigm-shattering scientific findings and are ruthlessly suppressed, but all of my fellow travelers were, to one extent or another, mystical in their orientation. Their mystical persuasion had nothing to do with beliefs, studying sacred texts, or other indoctrination, but their . Brian O’Leary was a staunch advocate of . After I had , I also and witnessed many undeniable events that clearly demonstrated that the materialistic models of consciousness that dominate mainstream science rest on false foundations. Brian nearly lost his life, courtesy of the USA’s military, when he looked into the UFO phenomenon, after , and the attack shortened his life. Far more is happening than the TV news tells us.

Fertile Crescent civilizations are universally regarded as humanity’s first. In China, people began to domesticate millet around eight kya, which was about 3,000 years after . Some scientists are skeptical that Chinese domestication really developed without any Fertile Crescent influence, even if it was just the of domestication. Similarly, in Mesoamerica, and people domesticated . The potato could have begun domestication in Peru . Those are the primary places where plants were domesticated independently in the Western Hemisphere, and the practice spread. . Whether the of domestication passed between regions where it is thought to have appeared independently, where the pig, for instance, may have been domesticated independently in the Fertile Crescent and China, nearly all domesticated plants and animals were probably domesticated , and the idea/technique/offspring spread. The horse, , is an instance when , with a limited number of stallions, and wild mares were subsequently incorporated into domestic herds. Once a herd animal was domesticated in the Fertile Crescent, the of domesticating herd animals certainly made subsequent domestication events less innovative. The Domestication Revolution, even if it happened in as many as nine places independently, as with the previous two Epochal Events (/controlling , and that ), the people who initiated the Third Epochal Event were relatively few. Probably only a few hundred people were beacons of innovation, or maybe even only a few dozen or less, when they are added together, and the domestication of animals in the Fertile Crescent may have had a lone inventor, or handful of them, who initiated the process, and the domestication of plants may have had similarly few inventors.

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Churchill wrote an essay in September 2001 entitled "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" about the , in which he argued that foreign policies provoked the attacks. In 2005, this essay was widely publicized. Churchill's argument — which questioned the innocence of the 9/11 victims, and compared their role in what he describes as ongoing genocidal American imperialism the role played by Adolf Eichmann in organizing the Holocaust; led to both condemnations of Churchill and counter-accusations of from Churchill and his supporters.

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Simple consistency demands that anyone who thinks the Tomahawk Chop is a swell pastime must be just as hearty in their endorsement of the following ideas - by the logic used to defend the defamation of American Indians - should help us all really start yukking it up.

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Ward Churchill is a professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado (CU).

In summary, a world without pollution, environmental destruction, hunger, poverty, and warfare would quickly come to pass with the most basic of technologies that I exist. But what may challenge most of today’s minds are the many features of today’s civilization that will quickly become archaic and viewed as and “games” are today.

Ward churchills essay and statement.

Also, I am aware, directly from event participants, that many exotic materials have also been developed and systematically suppressed. is not all that fictional. Also, that would make almost all of today’s industries and professions immediately obsolete have been suppressed. For the following vision, I will assume that those technologies also made it into the public’s hands. What kind of world appear if those technologies were in regular use by humanity?

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Because the subject needs to be addressed and I have been involved with it, I will describe what I am aware of regarding the UFO and extraterrestrial (“ET”) issue. The era of UFOs generally began with the . The CIA was founded a few months later. In the early 1990s, an emergency room doctor, Steven Greer, mounted an effort called the to inform the public about the UFO/ET issue, and Brian was prominently involved, . After years of briefing officials from many institutions, including the Vatican, United Nations, White House, Pentagon, and the USA’s Congress (and he received a scoffing or disbelieving reaction), secret congressional hearings were held so that witnesses could testify (and key Disclosure Project members immediately afterward). Ed Mitchell, who , co-chaired the hearings and about the ET presence. One Disclosure Project witness was , and , at least of those who could talk publicly about them. I am aware of recent astronaut close encounters that have been classified, as confessed by the astronauts. Brian had no doubt that his and the UFO-research “offer” were related.

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The training that enabled remote viewings and other psychic feats ruined many scientific careers, as scientists received direct personal experience that the materialistic paradigm that guides mainstream science is false. performing the same exercise in the 1970s. I regarding the human ability to generate a subtle energy that prevents rotting, and was able to , which others have . and advocated a scientific approach to investigating such phenomena. Nearly all of my fellow travelers in the FE field had some kind of experience like that in their late teens or early twenties. Most were scientists or scientists-in-training. When people have experiences such as those, they will never accept the materialistic that dominate mainstream science. The giants of physics, that hardest of the hard sciences, fully realized the orthodox framework’s limitations and all . Many organizations have sought to remedy the affliction of mainstream science that views consciousness as a mere epiphenomenon of brain activity. I at a conference for one such organization. It has been called bridging the gap between science and religion, and other terms. I see it as bringing science and consciousness together. Brian was a speaker at that conference, and his talk’s subject was the need for a new science. Until mainstream science allows consciousness into its paradigm and rejects its materialistic , it will be playing a small game, as the greatest science of all may be the science of consciousness.