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Diverse workplace is critical because it embodies a compilation of all human ideas, cultures and backgrounds put into an inventive and forward thinking group of individuals....

After reviewing many articles and books I have gained enough knowledge on my topic: prove why living in diverse area is not only just beneficial with social interactions, but with your self-esteem, and just life in general....

It is to encourage managers to use all resources when recruiting to enhance the cultural diversity in their work place as “dynamic atmosphere of collaboration”.

Americans have poor values in many decisions that they make, "Why don't we remember a God *#

Early America was incredibly violent in general — stemming in part from the endemic violence in British society and partly from the violence that tends to be associated with frontier societies.

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I will look at how ethnic diversity is managed generally and then how my employer, deals with the diverse ethnic groups in its organization and what it needs to improve on.

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Warikoo has recommendations about how to reform the diversity bargain and nurture the inclusive community. Combining programs from Harvard and Brown, her recommendations are academic in nature. That is, they ask us to teach and learn. The universities can be more intentional about teaching race, structural inequality, and how to design the future. Warikoo offers as delightfully instructive the Harvard Kuumba singers, an interracial singing group that performs music of a black heritage. Yet, as Malkiel shows, university reforms—no matter how momentous they might seem internally, no matter how socially conscious they might be—may at best model and nudge the reform of external injustices. Even the most inclusive university will not usher in a wholesale social equality. So, Warikoo urges, support those who do not rise to the top. Dare to imagine a welfare state. In the Trump/Bannon America, one must dream.

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As Warikoo shows, of her three sites, Harvard places greater emphasis on integration and the positive impacts of diversity—on inclusion. Brown has a sharper focus on minority students and the exposure of inequalities. Oxford has a comparative absence of race-based social movements and the concomitant conviction that elite universities should be socially responsive and responsible. In all, admissions is the gatekeeper to academic success, networks of potentially influential friends, rousing activities and games, glittering prizes, and gilt-edged futures.

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Malkiel homes in on the processes through which single-sex colleges decided to change or remain the same, linking broad cultural shifts to institutional decision-making. Increasingly, young men wanted to live and study as undergraduates with young women. A strong motive for the men’s colleges to admit women was to avoid losing the competition for capable male students to their peers. At the same time, a still-lively male chauvinist piggery reigned, probably nowhere more than at Dartmouth of the colleges Malkiel studies. There, the toxic mash of hysteria, cruelty, insecurity, sexual braggadocio, and fear of women rendered gender diversity and equality tantamount to castration.

American Jewish history commenced in 1492 with the expulsion of Jews from Spain

On campus after campus, even with good leadership, diversity has been searingly difficult to speak about, let alone achieve. For the rats of history gnaw at and scuttle about the present. Not only do people hear them, subliminally or openly. We are very often strangers to each other, although the powerless and marginal gaze more accurately at the powerful than the powerful do at them. Small wonder that conversations about diversity are often promoted as “difficult dialogues.”

Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” ad, that aired during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, sought to portray ethnic diversity in the U.S. by featuring “America the Beautif

In effect, inclusiveness is diversity that succeeds by tying and binding the members of an institution together without bondage. They share a moral equivalency. Moreover, inclusiveness models and encourages an honest enough, warm enough, empathetic enough mutual regard among the members of a community. No institution can legislate the pious affections of one for all and all for one, but it can issue credible promissory notes that the inclusive place will be a cheerfully secure place. Students will grow cognitively, morally, and psychologically. They will experience the enhancements of the giving and getting of respect. They will also prep for the contemporary global world. They will be both cosmopolitan and grounded. All this is in their self-interest.