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It is undeniable that there is a connection between free will and moral responsibility.

While moral leadership is the ability to demonstrate morality and equity, provide ethical guidance and transparency, and accept responsibility for leadership actions.

In this essay, I am going to examine the arguments for and against moral obligation to helping the poor and starving, and in particular I will take into account Singer’s opinions on the matter.

This essay examines the principles underlying the “independence of the office of constable”, the notion of responsible government, and how the interaction between these two ideas has been characterised in the literature....

It carries with it certain ethical and moral responsibilities to the community and all mankind....

Strawson's concept of moral responsibility yields a compatibilistaccount of being responsible but one that departs significantly fromearlier such accounts in two respects. First, Strawson's is acompatibilist view by default only. That is, on Strawson's view, theproblem of determinism and freedom/responsibility is not so muchresolved by showing that the objective conditions on beingresponsible are consistent with one's being determined but ratherdissolved by showing that the practice of holding peopleresponsible relies on no such conditions and therefore needs noexternal justification in the face of determinism. Second, Strawson'sis a merit-based form of compatibilism. That is, unlike most formerconsequentialist forms of compatibilism, it helps to explain why wefeel that some agents deserve our censure or merit our praise. They doso because they have violated, met, or exceeded our demand for areasonable degree of good will.

[tags: Social Responsibility Essays]

This should no longer be acceptable to Parliament or the people.” Discuss whether ministerial accountability is adequately addressed under the UK constitution The Royal Prerogative has allowed a wide array of discretionary powers to be delegated from the Monarch to ministers without a need to seek parliamentary approval....

[tags: Social Responsibility Essays]

He was drafted into the French army and was captured as a prisoner of war for a number of years.

Organizations worldwide consider the society’s interests by taking responsibilities for their activities on customers, employees, shareholders and the communities.

[tags: Social Responsibility Essays]

Businesses were more concerned mainly with their economics results “Today, however, businesses must also reflect on the legal, ethical, moral and social consequences of their decisions” (Anderson, 1989, 15).

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The European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility as, “a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis."(Europe...

The Dilemma of Accountability for Professionals: A Challenge for Mainstream Management Theories

Most of the negative publicity surrounding the globalization debate is directed at one key area, the perceived lack of corporate social responsibility in the business culture of the developed world.

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People were standing against oppression leveled against them from thousands of miles away (for example, the Boston Tea Party), and they were called traitors to the Crown.

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However, most people possess certain self-regulatory and self-sanctioning behavior mechanisms that prevent them from committing inhumane acts against others....

In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving

Instead, they blamed bank management, and took very little responsibility onto themselves, especially in the cases of smaller banks or nonmembers (358).