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Naturally, one factor that could affect the responses of othersis personality.

With this description of the characteristics of a strong, healthy self, it becomes clear that few of us have ever attained this degree of self-development. It is true, however, that some of us function more adequately in some spheres than in others. More often, we make the mistake of accepting the appearance of self-integration for really solid integration. For example, we tend to regard outer self-control as an indication that an individual is really in full control of himself. We praised those who display an unruffled calm and poise. Some of us are even likely to label a less-controlled person “infantile” or “childish” and tell him to act his age. Very often, this outer control is merely a thin, protective covering which defends the individual against awareness of deeper emotional conflict.

There were many instances of breakdowns in the armed forces among men who were previously considered well-integrated in civilian life. On what basis were they considered well-integrated and mature? Well, these men were considered good providers for their families; rarely if ever did they disagree with anyone, at home or outside the home. They were loyal, conscientious, responsible employees, and worked actively in community organizations. Few people knew of their frequent episodes of insomnia, or their persistent need for patent remedies to relieve headaches and stomach distresses. We now know that these symptoms are, in many instances, the physical expressions of inner emotional turmoil, and the patent-remedy manufacturers have many customers in our society. It would be well for each of us to become more alert to these signs of internal emotional disturbances, and then search within ourselves for the ways in which we contribute to our own difficulties.

A person maturing in a healthy way gains possession of himself. He is aware of his motivations, and can predict his responses in certain situations. He is also sufficiently flexible to meet new situations and unexpected stress with a minimum of anxiety and insecurity. Since he belongs to himself, he can feel his relatedness to other human beings. He knows that his destiny is, in large measure, in his own hands. He also realizes the interdependence of humans, and the importance of mutuality for individual and total social welfare. He is sincere and genuine. A large number of such healthy beings contribute immeasurably to the perpetuation of a truly democratic society.

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In the study conducted by Eagly andcolleagues (Eagly, Ashmore, Makhijani, & Longe, 1991), people who are attractive werejudged to be more socially competent and were attributed with tendencies to be moresociable, extraverted, and popular than their less attractive counterparts. Research has also shown that in many situations attractive people are more sociallycompetent than those who are less attractive (Eagly et al., 1991).

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To this point, we have sketched the maturing process under favorable influences. Analytic experience provides us the valuable data about the subsequent development of the individual whose earlier experiences were detrimental to healthy growing-up. In childhood, such a person would develop dependent on adults whose own self-development was impaired. As a result of their compulsive needs and unresolved conflicts, such adults were unable to appreciate the real need and factual weakness of the child. In various ways, they frustrated his attempts to develop his own resources. They may have expected too much of him or too little. They may have given him too much praised and encouragement, they may have ridiculed or disparaged the child’s efforts to earn and grow. Instead of allowing the child to develop his own resources, they imposed their decisions, views, feelings, and prejudices on him. As a result of these unfavorable influences — it would take too much space to elaborate on them — the child develops basic feelings of worthlessness and unacceptability. He also feels without resources in this environment, which is actually inimical to his real needs, and does not accord him the right to develop himself. These feelings are covered by the term “basic anxiety,” which also includes feelings of hostility toward the grown-ups on whom the child is dependent. The distorted picture of his own value and of the nature of others influences the course of his self-maturing in adolescence and adult life.

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Finally, the essay is written in an appropriate style, i.e. the title is presented at the beginning of the response and the essay is written in third person, passive tense.

Research paper on personality development

Both hygiene and clothing are based ultimately uponthe personality of someone, and they therefore disrupt the cause and effect relationshipof appearance and personality that the author sets up. It would also make sense that other traits and natural occurrences would throw offPopkins' statement as well.

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Since he is aware of his resources, and has been developing them, he can afford to test their limits and take the risk of making a mistake or even failing in a pursuit. He is capable of visualizing goals of his own choosing, which are commensurate with a true evaluation of his own resources. Since he does not impose unreasonable demands on himself in this matter, he can actively strive for the goal. He responds to successes and failures with a certain equanimity, and realizes his share in one or the other. He acknowledges openly, “I did this, I did it this way, these were my objectives, these are my mistakes.” In the event of failure, he has suffictient tolerance and respect for himself to learn from his mistakes and make renewed efforts toward his goals. He has an inner strength which he uses to separate the factors in a situation that can be attributed to the actual limitations inherent in it from the factors within himself which might be contributing to such limiations. For example, he does not expect himself to work well when he is fatigued, nor to overcome the limitations set by time, space, and difficulties with co-workers. He can work fairly comfortably within these limitations.

Abstract The field of personality has been always taking a huge concern to all psychologists as well as to people in general. In addition, many people feel

The essay is well written, provides a careful consideration of the topic and a reasoned conclusion. An area where further marks could be gained would be a section on future directions for research which could provide further insight into the innateness of individual differences. Although elements of this can be found in the section regarding evolutionary theories, this could be made more explicit as a potential driving force for future personality psychology theories.

Personality Development. The Final Project for this course requires that you apply the material that you have studied during the term to a case study of your choice.

The essay provides a concluding statement identifying what the evidence presented in the essay suggests and what the author's position in the debate is. The conclusion appears to be logical and justified from the information presented earlier in the essay.