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“Rumble Fish” was the brainchild of Susan Hinton, an Oklahoma native who, while still in her teens, wrote and published, under the name S.E. Hinton, , a novel aimed squarely at teen audiences (decades before YA become a hugely popular genre) that was inspired by a couple of rival gangs at her high school. , published in 1975, was set in Tulsa and centered around two brothers, the impetuous teenaged hood Rusty James and his older brother, known only as Motorcycle Boy, a legendary former gang leader in the neighborhood who has been away for a while. Rusty plainly worships Motorcycle Boy and aspires to be exactly like him. As the story begins, he hopes to step into his brother’s shoes by agreeing to fight Biff, the leader of a rival gang—this despite the fact that Motorcycle Boy had brokered a truce that forbade such gang fights before taking off. During the brawl, Motorcycle Boy makes a dramatic and unexpected return. Over the course of the next few days, Rusty loses everything that he once considered to be important to him—his girlfriend, his friends, control of his gang, his sense of self-confidence and eventually even Motorcycle Boy himself. However, it seems that the lessons that Motorcycle Boy was trying to impart did take root and there is the sense that Rusty will also manage to break away from both his own self-destructive tendencies and the expectations that others developed for him.

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Given the glorious black and white noir-inspired cinematography of Rumble Fish, it’s really a must to get this one right in high definition. I’d say this Masters of Cinema series edition on Blu-ray gets it near perfect in this AVC/MPEG-4 1080p encodement. The image is rather clean with only the slightest hint of scratches peeking through on the occasion. A thin layer of grain remains offering a good, textured film-like appearance that remains constant and consistent throughout and there are no appearances of artificial manipulations to the image. Contrast is splendid, with the dark night scenes offering inky blacks and stark white while the bright, daytime scenes have stable white levels and proper greys.

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Rumble Fish is perhaps one of Coppola’s underappreciated film’s amongst general audiences, but it is in fact a master class on multilayered filmmaking. It has been accused of putting style over substance, but I argue that it is in fact so densely packed with both style and substance (with that substance being numerous references to influences both literary and filmic) that it is often misunderstood by many viewers, especially those who were expecting another The Outsiders.

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