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hi Liz, sorry for bothering you again. What you have suggested definitely makes sense , but my understanding is that the body paragraphs should follow the introduction(may be i am approaching opinion essays totally wrong). Please guide me on following opinion essay introductions.

These days, it is common to find people using cell phones in various public places such as, markets, banks and reading rooms. In my opinion, I strongly believe public use of phones should be banned owing to several reasons which shall be discussed in this essay.
Firstly, it constitutes a form of public disturbance. The use of mobile phones generates noise in public places since you have various people talking at various voice pitches. This noise most often is unbearable to people who are present in these places. They are distracted by this noise which often limits people’s activities whenever they need to engage in certain activities for instance, reading in a library. Noise is highly intrusive and is often a nuisance to most people.
Furthermore, it is a potential health hazard. The generation of noise and radiation from the use of cell phones is seen as being harmful to health. Noise is known to be a form of pollution which is harmful to the human ear. There is a certain level of noise the human ear can adapt to. This level is exceeded by the use of mobile phones in public places as confirmed by medical experts. In addition, the generation of radiation by the use of cell phones also causes various cancers according to medical experts. This radiation is high when exposure to mobile phone radiations is more as seen in unrestricted use of mobile phones in public places.
In conclusion, the use of cell phones should be highly restricted in public places so as to prevent its potential health hazard to people who are not aware of the harm. Failure to do this may cause a burden on the populace and the government when diseases emerge because of this.

Thanks for your essay. You write very nicely. However, one point of concern is that this is an opinion essay and your opinion is that you think there should not be a complete ban on the use of mobile phones. This means that each body paragraph should contain reasons why you believe there should not be a complete ban. Your body paragraphs do not contain this. Instead you have written a opinion essay introduction with discussion essay body paragraphs. This could be a problem in IELTS. In each body paragraph you should explain and support your opinion.
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It is considered by many people that mobile phones should not be allowed in public places, like libraries, shops and transport. Despite its negative effects, it has some inevitable roles that cannot be overlooked.
I opine my disagreement with the statement in the following paragraphs.

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"Mobile phones in the classroom can be disruptive," says a Mobile Phone Is a Learning Tool Essay - 1036 Words -…23 Aug 2010 This essay will argue that mobile phones are a necessary tool for that cell phones can be used as a potential learning tool for success and Cons of Cell Phones in School - LoveToKnowThere are many arguments against allowing cell phones in the classroom.

Should Cellphones be banned in College Classrooms?

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Should Cell Phones be Allowed in Colleges - …

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"Mobile phones should be allowed in school but not in lessons so that kids can use them for emergencies but not to text their friends." Sam, West Sussex, …

If you disagree that mobile phones should be banned then your full essay should explain why you think they shouldn’t be banned. Any position you take but be supported through your entire essay. So, no it’s not possible to say you agree 100% with one side and then write a full body paragraph supporting the other side. Your whole opinion essay but explain why you believe what you believe.

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Due to the rapid widespread of cell phones and the dazzling improvements that have overwhelmed this sophisticated industry, cell phones have become the norm to see everywhere rather than the exception. This has resulted in an exacerbated use of mobiles and has consequently urged many people to call for halting their use in public places such as malls, reading rooms and public transport means. Personally , although I critic the excessive use of cell phones in such places , I believe that they shouldn’t be entirely banned for some reasons which I intent to advocate in this essay . Here , I recommend that cell phones are to be used only in ultimate emergencies .

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The use of mobile phones in public places has become rampant over recent decades. Some people are of the opinion that mobile phone usage in public places should be banned. In my opinion, I strongly disagree that public usage of mobile phones should be banned for several reasons which will be discussed in this essay.