Happiness is a sensation that people want to have, and a lot of it.

As defined in Merriam-Webster (2014), happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.

Gleemonex’s success transforms its inventor into an instant superstar. McDonald is the film’s emotional center and straight man, yet his transformation from geeky everyman to obnoxious über-celebrity to impassioned crusader feels abrupt and unearned. Brain Candy is at its weakest when attending to the needs of its plot, and at its best when it’s chasing weird comic conceits down dark alleys, like this bit involving the controversial fan favorite Cancer Boy:

Many people find it hard to rely on themselves as a source of happiness. It is possible to find happiness inside yourself. There are different ways you can approach this and many techniques you can employ to help increase you feelings of inner happiness. You don't need to look beyond yourself to find your source of happiness. Just make sure you take the time to find it.

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Ironically though, in our naïve belief that we can somehow augment the amount of happiness in our world, we are actually making our world more depressing to live in.

Happiness for some is solitude and the list goes on and on.

Despite the differences in reasoning and motivation, all four texts demonstrate the natural tendency of humans to give into desire in pursuit of happiness....

When was the last time you were intentional about your happiness.

Each person has a completely different view of happiness and how to achieve it.

Like a goofier Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Brain Candy ultimately argues that without the bad in life, the good wouldn’t matter, that pain and pleasure and happiness and despair are so inextricably, purposefully intertwined that they become meaningless without one another. To remove suffering and pain from the human equation is to remove much of what makes us human.

Happiness can only be given by the amount of effort a person gives.

As the play continues, the audience is then introduced to Petit, who re-installs happiness into Walter’s life through conversations which embody work which they are most passionate about.

16.10.2016 · The psychological literature clearly shows there is a strong relationship between success and happiness. For example, people who have a …

It’s one of the film’s most resonant running jokes that the memories conjured up by Gleemonex are laughably mundane, tiny little morsels of okayness in a vast sea of misery. McDonald wants to test the drug extensively, but when he sees his colleagues being ejected from the building—without even their beloved test monkeys to keep them company—he decides to spill the beans about his miracle discovery.

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I wish the film had made its points a little more artfully and implicitly, rather than simply sticking them in McDonald and McKinney’s mouths, but Brain Candy has an overarching satirical vision that makes it much more than just an assemblage of mostly funny running gags and stand-alone bits. That theme is conveyed succinctly, though crudely, by McKinney’s cantankerous cab driver when he sings the following ditty from his home country: “Life is short. Life is shit, and soon it will be over.”

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Going forward, my writing will focus on how to achieve success across each of the different essential parts of life, and how by building good habits and processes for each you can achieve success and long term sustainable happiness.