Volleyball, first known as mintonette, found its beginning in 1895.

Changes made for the love of volleyball and its expansion as a popular sport.

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No one knows exactly why volleyball has such a huge following outside the United States but one thing is for certain: in the over 100 years of its existence, volleyball has gone through some dramatic changes.

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Players can hone their volleyball skills by setting, bumping, and spiking a ball with a partner or against the wall. There are variety of volleyball drills that will increase skill in the game available both online and offline.

Geography of Volleyball The sport is played with 6 people on each team, each team getting three contacts every time they are in possession of the ball

In 1895, William G Morgan, a physical education director at the Holyoke, Massachusettes YMCA, created a game called Mintonette, as a low contact indoor sport. After observing the first game, Alfred Halstead, renamed the game Volleyball due to the volleying nature of the game. Numerous other variations of Volleyball have developed such as Beach Volleyball, Footvolley, Hooverball, and Newcomb. Both Men's and Women's Leagues are popular, and there are many clubs and tournaments throughout the year in the US.

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A Volleyball team is composed of between 6-8 players on a team, and a match is played between two teams with an equal number of players. A volleyball court is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide, divided into two 30 30 ft halves, by a 40-inch wide net, placed so that the top of the net is about eight feet above the center of the court. The first team to score 25 points (and be two points ahead) is awarded the set. Matches are best-of-five sets or best-of-three sets.

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