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Women Empowerment is infact the ability of women to exercise full control over one’s actions.

The word's first cinematic outing came in 1970, in two film adaptations of Henry Miller novels: Joseph Strick's and Jens Jorgen Thorsen's . (The latter featured 'cunt' extensively in captions and graffiti.) In ,one of the few films to include truly extensive usage of 'cunt', RayWinstone, "spraying c-words like bullets" (Stuart Jeffries, 1997),brutally assaults Kathy Burke whilst shouting "Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!" (Gary Oldman, 1997). Peter Silverton describes thescene as "cunt-kick, cunt-kick, and so on and on" (2009). The lineswould be familiar to Winstone, whose previous role in involved a similar sequence in which he verbally abused Crissy Rock bycalling her "Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!" (Ken Loach, 1994). Gary Oldman has saidthat the brutal language was an essential part of 'sauthenticity: "I knew that I could give it an integrity and honesty[...] I'm not making the language more palatable [...] I want a bareknuckle film" (Ian Nathan, 1997). Winstone also starred in , in which Ben Kingsley calls him "Fat, fat, cunt, cunt" (Jonathan Glazer, 2000).

As discussed previously with reference to the trial, simple tallies of swear words do not recognise the importance ofcontext, though Lamacq has suggested that Radio 1 has a swear wordhierarchy in which "one c[unt] is as bad as five f[uck]s" (2000). Inhis guide to English grammar, ,Michael Swan classifies swear words with a star-rating system: "aone-star word will not upset many people, while a four- or five-starword may be very shocking" (1980); 'cunt' is the only word given fivestars. The British Board of Film Classification has a similarhierarchy, classifying swear words in ascending order as 'very mild'('damn'), 'mild' ('bastard'), 'moderate' ('prick'), 'strong' ('fuck'),and 'coarse' ('cunt'). Television regulators also have a linguistichierarchy: 'cunt' "tops the watchdog Broadcasting StandardsCommission's list of most offensive words" (Tara Conlan, 2002).

American media regulations regarding swearing date from 1973, when a New York radio station broadcast George Carlin's at two o'clock in the afternoon. The monologue was a comic assessmentof seven swear words - 'cunt', 'shit', 'piss', 'fuck', 'cocksucker','motherfucker', and 'tits' - and its afternoon broadcast provokedcomplaints from parents. The ensuing controversy led to advertisersrefusing to associate themselves with programmes which included stronglanguage, thus, for commercial reasons, none of the seven words Carlinlisted are permitted on either radio or network television: "Withoutadvertisers to placate, writers [for HBO] can include bad language andexplicit sex scenes [though they are] nowhere on network TV" (GraceBradberry, 2002).

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The most outspoken anti-porn feminist is Andrea Dworkin, who views 'cunt' as "the most reductive word" and sees porn as "the debasing of women" (1981). By contrast, Deborah Orr contends that "exposure of female bodies has been transmogrified into an expression of female freedom and power" (2000).

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This post-feminist sexual provocation, analysed by Brian McNair in , has specifically increased the cultural visibility of the vagina, counteracting the sexist tits-and-ass landscape discussed earlier: "Whatever the reasons for its concealment (and male fear could underlie it), feminists think that it is symptomatic of the way women themselves are disregarded and undervalued. It follows that by making the vagina visible, by defying the taboos, a woman can reaffirm her identity" (Lynn Holden, 2000).

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Male abuse of the word 'cunt' is compounded by male control of the reproduction of cunts in visual form, namely the pornography industry. Inspired by feminist critiques of pornography, some women have become proactive in creating and distributing pro-feminist porn, and are confounding male expectations by turning full-frontal exhibitions of the vagina into acts of empowerment. More traditional feminists, who cannot bring themselves to use either the vagina or the word 'cunt' as positive tools of empowerment, do not share these attitudes.

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Cunt-hatred is prevalent in vagina dentata mythology, popular culture, and slang, as we have seen, and these negative representations must be reversed: "the vagina has commonly and persistently been represented as [...] dirty, smelly, shameful, and even dangerous. These representations could be seen as encapsulating (Western) society's attitudes towards, and responses to, the vagina, as well as attitudes to women more broadly. It is a depressing portrayal, and one that needs to be challenged" (Virginia Braun and Sue Wilkinson, 2001). A feminist movement promoting positive exhibitionism and celebration of the vagina, and positive usage of the word 'cunt', is attempting to challenge negative attitudes towards femininity.

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Annie Sprinkle, in a performance entitled , allowed members of the public to crouch between her open legs and view her vulva. Sprinkle was attempting to remove the stigmas of fear and ignorance attached to the vagina: "One reason why I show my cervix is to assure the misinformed, who seem to be primarily of the male population, that neither the vagina nor the cervix contains any teeth [...] Lots of folks, both men and women, know very little about female anatomy and so we are ashamed and/or afraid of the cervix. That's sad, so I do my best to lift that veil of ignorance" (1998). (The lecture at the 2006 Stockholm Pride festival was a similar, though less sensational, attempt at vaginal demystification.)