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MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) format uses footnotes to cite the references.

This can also be called a 'Reference List' and needs to contain particular information.
Broadly, the information required is;
Title of work
Title of overall work
Item type [DVD/Twitter post]
Publisher information
Publisher location
Year published
URL of item accessed
Date accessed
Direct quotes
"This would be the quote providing evidence to your argument" and then your essay carries on.
Secondary quotes
In other instances, "This is the quote you found in a book but it was a reference to someone else and not written by the Author."
Sometimes you can just summarize the arguments of the person you're referring to and there's no need for a direct quote, but you still need to reference the source through the use of a footnote.
Chalke, S.

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It is alphabetical by author surname and divided in to sections.
How do you reference?
MHRA Style
Referencing is important because;
it shows you have read widely on your subject
It shows the basis of your arguments and conclusions
It avoid plagiarism
What's involved?
Referencing is a two step process;
Footnote Citations
Where you indicate in the body of your essay where you have used ideas of materials from other sources.
Everything you have listed in your work should be cited at the end in alphabetical order.

Oxford referencing can also use Endnotes – these are listed at the end of the essay but before the bibliography.

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