Reminded me of how dangerous being a police officer can be.

I am also expected to be an expert in my career field as a police officer.

This is my first time to your website. I have my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Investigations and will have my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in October or 2012. I also have my Private Investigator’s Certificate but have not taken the test for my state lisc. yet. My main problem is my age as I am going to be 48yrs old this year and I am noticing the cut off age is in the 30’s. Is there any agency’s that you might be able to recommend for me to apply to, once I am done with my current degree. I really do not want my years of schooling to go to waste. I would like to be able to work with the youth and make a difference in their life.

My son just graduated from college with a four year degree in criminal justice, minor in sociology. He had some trouble in high school, two months out of his junior year in high school decided to try marijuana and prescription drugs, got caught, did his punishment and was under 18. It was expunged, and he was told this would not hurt him in the future. He has had several interviews, one being with the State police and it always comes up, have you ever done drugs? He tells the truth and we think this is hurting his chances, what is your thought process, he is getting frustrated and wants to go other directions with career choice. This did happen before he was 18 and has kept clean ever since then. No records at all! He is a really great young man, 22 now!

Firstly, Criminal Justice IS NOT “more of a Forensic Science.” They are related, but very different fields — just like Law is not like Criminal Justice. Now that we have that out of the way, Pre-law is a good option, but not the only one I would consider. I know how hard it can be to decide what you want to do. It takes time and a lot of thought.

The responsibility of a police officer is to protect the public and to serve the community.

I am 20 years old im in the military active duty army served 3 years already. I have a GED but am working on an associates degree in criminal justice. Any tips on how to start my career as a police officer?
thank you

What causes police officers to go to the extreme when using force.

Being a private detective is a totally different animal altogether. You’ll probably have to get some experience with a PI agency first, THEN you probably will have to make a name for yourself if you want to work for a good agency or yourself. Think of being a private detective as opening your own business. Your name is everything.

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Also, they detect and to prevent crime, police officers strive to maintain the law.

It’s not stupid. There are a lot of single parents who are in law enforcement. However, at least that much is true, your risk or injury or death increases significantly when you become a police officer. You are going to be exposed to risky and potentially life threatening situations on a daily basis.

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I am a female, 5″ (very short), and a minority in terms of race.
Do you think I’d be able to become a police officer?
My goal was always to work in homicide, but those dreams were basically crushed when I found out i have to become a police officer first. Realistically, can a 5″ tall girl become a police officer?

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The difference between Police Officer and Sheriff Deputy, for example, is that police officers usually work in cities or townships, while Deputies work within a county (a larger region). There can be many cities and towns that Deputy Sheriff Officers patrol within a county.

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Im 25 now and when i was 15 i was arrested for sale and possession of cannibus im wanting too know if this would affect me from getting accepted into the police academy?

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Also I find that a lot of jobs in Criminal Justice career have to be a US citizen,
so my question is, is that all the jobs has to be born in the US?
I would like to become a Immigration officer or a career in Criminal Justice but will be deal with paperwork most of the time.
I also don’t mind to be a police officer , but I’m not sure the difference between County Sheriff and other police officers.

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Military will normally accept most anyone within physical and mental requirements. Even those with a record. It is a way to get your life turned around even. However, a police officer is a member of the law. Most parts of the military are not. For example, a cop can arrest you, as far as a legal stand point is, unless instructed by a commanding officer (of the law) a soldier can not do such a thing. Police officers are to uphold the law, and have those employed by them to have upheld the law in all circumstances. Its just the fine lines of laws and employment. Before someone downs policing and upraises military, remember that police too put their lives on the line for our safety on a daily basis. Not even all military members so that. That job is for front line soldiers. Rather than feel like his country has failed him, your husband should feel blessed for the things in his life his country has allowed him to have. Although something happening that young can be tragic, he was trialed as an adult for the act or the even wouldn’t be on his record at all seeing as juvenile records are thrown away once a person hits the age of 18 (with exceptions in California). If the crime were not considered a serious violent crime and he was not trialed as an adult, this wouldn’t be his case. Since he was trialed as an adult, the court found him to be in complete, mature control of his actions, and that he knew what he did was wrong.

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When my husband was 16, he had a charge filed against him of assault & battery from a family member. After a short amount of time passed after the incident he decided to join the Army. He proudly served our country in the war in Iraq. Upon returning, he planned on working his way to becoming an officer, he went to college and got his bachelors degree and began applying to several police departments. Finally, he heard back from Placentia PD and things looked promising as he made it through almost all of the hiring process until they ultimately disqualified him due to his charge as a minor of assault & battery. He was and still is very upset about it, to have that ripped out of his hands. He hired a lawyer and had the charge expunged from his record only to find that it does not completely disappear from your record. Since then, he has only been turned away from other departments. He can’t help but feel like his country failed him. Why would he be allowed to serve in the Army and risk his life but he can’t be an officer here? Doesn’t seem right. He is now 30. This happened when he was 16… Hoping you have some advice that can help somehow before its too late for him to get hired on anywhere…