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In contrast, some businesses are even hiring people because they have tattoos because they feel it provides a “hipper” atmosphere. By hiring people with tattoos places attract a different crowd. This benefits some places like trendy restaurants, music stores, clothing stores like Hot Topic and Pac Sun. Also, some employers are hiring tattooed people because it makes their staff more diverse. By discriminating against tattoos businesses are, in fact, cutting down on popular, mainstream clientele.

Businesses not hiring people with tattoos could be missing out on prospective employees who could benefit their businesses in many ways just because they have tattoos. A person’s outstanding qualifications and recommendations for a job should not be bypassed merely on the fact that he or she has body art. Wesley Bolin, once a reliable worker at the local Dairy Queen of Winter Haven, Florida stated “I worked at DQ for more than four years; I never called in sick, always came in when somebody needed me to cover their hours, stayed after work without pay more than 50 times, never had been written up, or even had the impression that my boss disapproved of any of my work ethics. But, my boss fired me for getting a tattoo of a penguin on my lower forearm, and two lip piercings. My boss even admits that I was the best worker he has ever had, but he just can’t deal with my body art.”

By asking employees to hide their tattoos, or not hiring people because of their tattoos and/or piercings, employers are going against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which clearly states that employers cannot discriminate based on religion. Tattooing, as well as piercing, is clearly a much-worshiped practice in many religions and beliefs. Asking someone to cover their religious art is like asking Catholics to not wear their crucifixes, or Jews to not wear their yamakas. America is supposed to be a country who embraces diversity, so why are several American business owners totally disregarding cultures, practices, and religions and beliefs of others than their own? Why is America even permitting these mainstream discriminations to happen, even though it is clearly against the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Legally and ethically, this discrimination should not be permitted.

Tattooing has been one of forefront methods in expressing our humanity, or in certain cases, our lack there of.

Although it is a form of free expression, employers have a right to enforce certain rules about tattoos in their company because they have a public image to uphold....

The Audacity Of Tattoos In The Workplace Communications Essay

Throughout all these years, tattoos have been used as protection against danger, as love charms, to restore youth, to ensure good health and long life, to accomplish fertility, to bring about the death to an enemy, to cure an illness, to insure a happy afterlife, and...

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Tattoo placement ranging from the wrists, feet, and back the possibility for where and what someone would want for a tattoo is endless.

The IEEE, ACM, and Software Engineering Code of Ethics each provide standards for ethical behavior to guide computing professionals both inside and outside of the workplace.

Body Piercings and Tattoos in the Professional Workplace

For the last few months there has been an ongoing debate about the troops in the Army that have tattoos and as a result their careers have been placed on the line.

Discrimination Against Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

For the last few months, there has been an ongoing debate about troops in the Army that have tattoos, and as a result their careers have been placed on the line.

The Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work movement stopping tattoo discrimination in the workplace. Find interesting info, sign STAPAW petitions & volunteer.

While his tattoos are invisible to the naked eye, using infrared photography, it was discovered that Ice man had 57 stripes in 16 groups along with both a large and a small cross-like mark in different places on his body where physical stress might cause him pain (Othma...

A great detailed list answering "should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?" A list of discrimination against tattoos and piercings in the workplace petitions.

The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Body art is a practice of some religions; therefore by prohibiting it in the workplace employers are violating the First Amendment. If someone violates the First Amendment there is supposed to be a legal remedy; therefore companies choosing to not hire someone because of their religious body art should be held accountable.

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Tattoos are looked as ways to express yourself by either remembering a loved one, giving yourself a reminder to push forward in life, or just to get something that you really enjoy.