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Beowulf and Achilles both are driven by fame and ambition but in completely different ways. Beowulf was all about protecting the people, doing anything necessary to kill the beasts. Although he would never leave the beast without taking a trophy to prove what he had done. Each time he defeated a battle he made sure people knew exactly what he did and that it was for the best. It seems as if Achilles is looking for attention any way he can get it. He may have killed Hector to avenge his best friends death but by dragging the body around it is easy to see Achilles is wanting attention too. He really goes against what the Gods think is best and all he wants is to be listened to. Achilles really just wants control. While Beowulf is only looking for good 'publicity,' Achilles is just taking it however it may come.

When comparing the characteristics of an epic hero such as being a national hero and having supernatural abilities, Hector clearly surpasses Achilles....

Both Beowulf and Achilles take a reward for their winning. Beowulf takes the arm of Grendel and hangs it in Herot, where Achilles takes the body of Hector and drags it behind his horse and wagon back to the sea where his soldiers rest. Beowulf kills three different enemies: Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the dragon by the sea. Beowulf kills Grendel and his mother out of the kindness of his heart and then kills the dragon to keep his people safe. Achilles kills only Hector and that is because he is avenging the murder of his best friend Patroclus, who was killed by Hector. Beowulf is all about fame whereas Achilles only did it for revenge. I believe that Beowulf's emotions were more in check than Achilles' were because Achilles acted out of his heart and not his mind. Where Beowulf did it for the joy of winning a battle.

Achilles, being a fearless fighter, defeated many throughout his battles against the Trojan army, including the brave-hearted Hector during the invasion of Troy.

Comparison of achilles and hector essays

Achilles and Beowulf both were born of high importance and were known throughout the lands. Beowulf and Achilles fought for two different reasons. Beowulf was being a help by contributing his talents with the defeating of Grendel. He never was even asked to do it, he volunteered himself. Beowulf used his talents to conquer bad monsters and super naturals in a good way.
Achilles on the other hand was a talented fighter who used his strengths to conquer and kill Hector, the man who killed his friend Patroclus. Achilles was powered by his emotions while Beowulf was powered by the thought of being famous and helping others to be a hero. Beowulf was full of himself, yet he was a good man. Achilles was not so high on himself, but more his emotions to lead him to do something unnecessary, kill another human man, just for revenge. Achilles and Beowulf were both supernatural humans, doing things not possible for most men. Long live the Epic Heroes!

Comparison of Hector and Achilles Essays

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