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Drug addiction can cause an intense craving for the drug.

According to “Causes and types of narcotic addiction: A Psychosocial View” in the Psychiatric Quarterly it says, “The causes of drugs stem from the manner of which you were introduced to it whether it be by abnormal curiosity, chance encounters with addicts and narcotic peddlers, or prolonged illness” (Ausubel)....

Addiction as a choice suggests that drug abusers are completely responsible for their actions, while addiction as a disease suggests that drug abusers need help in order to break their cycle of addiction.

An age old struggle, addiction, has been deemed a major problem in society due to the physical and mental harm it causes, but the major connotation of addiction is solely related to substance and alcohol abuse.

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Drug addiction is influenced by many factors.

Stress is a terrifying force of mystery and power; it is incredible to see the lengths that stress will go to just to show us that we are in fact stressed. The cold is a virus, and as a virus it has full jurisdiction to physically fuck with our bodies as it pleases – so though it can be just a mere speck of liquid it can make our joints ache, our nose dribble, our throat sore and our brain hurt. Yet we must succumb to this because it is a virus, and therefore a physical force that has inhabited our body. Stress however is not real (in a physical sense); it is a non-entity, but it has just as much, if not more, power to physically affect us than most viruses. People who are stressed about anything from something serious like the loss of a loved one, to something seemingly trivial like what they are going to eat before they go out to avoid having to take a shit in a club toilet (probably with its very own urine lake in each cubicle), can be physically transformed by this mental exertion. The amount of times that I, and many others like me, have gone to their doctor with the thought of only days to live, only to be asked: “Do you have an exam coming up? Yeah, it’s probably that.”

The words “alcoholic” or “drug addict” carry a negative connotation.

Addictive drugs cause dopamine neurons to release dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

In the past decade, there has been an escalating awareness by the scientific community that substance abuse disorders are medical disorders with biologic, chemical, and environmental causes....

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A disease is more of an uncontrollable condition that needs medical attention, whereas an addiction can be resolved with a little persistence and desire for life alterations....

What the research says about the dehydrating effect of caffeine

We know that all people respond differently to therapy than others do, but it is good to be able to find the effectiveness and success rate of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and drug courts overall....

may not necessarily outweigh the longer-term effects of caffeine addiction

From this it considers addiction as a brain disease because drugs change the brain - they change its structure and how it works.” Changes in the brain can be long lasting as well as having the possibility of leading to progress the harmful behaviors demonstrated in people who abuse substances..

Caffeine and Dehydration: What the Research Says

I am conducting this research paper to compare and contrast the differences between the effectiveness of drug courts and cognitive behavioral therapy for cocaine addicts.

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Even though there is a large amount of information on substance use for individuals there is not one individual theory that is singled out in regards to addiction....

FREE Essay on The Uses and Essentials of Caffeine

It is not hard to find a group of people sipping a "Grande Latte" while reading the morning newspaper, or a team of business executives lining up for a quick cup of "Dark Roast." On campus everywhere, students are seen with textbooks in one hand and "Mocha" in the other.