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Fear, however, only contributed to this tragedy. John Proctor's freedom within was the ...
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Free The Crucible John Proctor Tragic Hero Essays Tragic Hero EssayThe historic happenings of the Salem Witch Trials are told in the story of the Crucible.

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The young girls with Abigail convince Hawthorne of others being witches so that Abigail can get what she wants, John Proctor, also so that Abigail does not blackmail the girls....

Qualifications are proven throughout the playwright as to why John Proctor is the tragic hero.
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Elements of John Proctor's Character Analyzing the Elements, Tragic Flaw & Hamartia of John Proctor Analysis of Guilt Ultimate Tragic Flaw: Honesty & Loyatly John Proctor's ultimate tragic flaw is the honesty because he could have easily saved his life by agreeing and signing the confession which stated that he was a witch.

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with John Proctor as the play's tragic hero.

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It analyzes the possibility of John Proctor being a tragic hero." data-count="none">Tweet
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He stated that “The change in the hero's fortunes be not from misery to happiness, but on the contrary, from happiness to misery, and the cause of it must not lie in any depravity but in some great error on his part." John Procter, one of the main characters in the play, is the one example of the tragic hero.

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When depicting a tragic hero, Aristotle states “The change in the hero’s fortunes be not from misery to happiness, but on the contrary, from happiness to misery, and the cause of it must not lie in any depravity but in some great error on his part.” In addition, he explains the four essential qualities that a tragic hero should possess, which are goodness, appropriateness, lifelike, and consistency.

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Decisions made by John Proctor in Miller's play, the Crucible, illustrate that life is full of hard decisions that can bring hardship but sometimes turn out to be for the best.

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In this essay I am going to examine the affair between Abigail Williams and John Proctor, and what effect this as on his relationship with his wife Elizabeth....

John Proctor a tragic hero

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Proctor shows signs of being a tragic hero when he attempts to go into court to save his wife and prove the girls liars. However, he ends up being accused himself.

Excess in Pride (Hubris)
Unwillingness to forgive himself John Proctor can be seen as Selfish because many others including Rebecca Nurse & Sarah Good were hung before John confessed of his affair with Abigail.

The reason why John had taken so long was because of his excess of pride otherwise known as Hubris.