These regards, the mind and heart may take on many forms.

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In the comparison of cultures, the Judaeo-Christian tradition has been, for lo these last several thousand years, the odd man out. Or so I am not the first to assert. Even, perhaps especially in the prophets of ancient Israel, the (non-violent) expression of contempt has been among our eccentricities. The admixture of humour may be more distinctly Hellenic, but is of great antiquity. We make fun of things because they are wrong, yet at the same time, we candidly admit their attraction. We use humour to flash moral insight, and to disarm. Where I saw this sort of thing in Asia, it was invariably among the Western-educated, and those at least unconsciously Christian. To others, it was incomprehensibly rude.

My dreams are not always so evanescent. For instance, in late 1975, while according to the newspapers Francisco Franco lay dying, I had a fascinating conversation with this authoritarian and monarchist hidalgo. It continued night after night. Our talk fades in memory today, but he was explaining the principles on which he had ruled, and I was struck by their plausibility. Had I only published these dream interviews, my liberal friends of the time might have understood Franco better, and been more inclined to tolerate his occasional excesses. Instead they shed no tear on his demise.

Although Conrad does not strictly address character growth in this manner, characters that do and do not undergo psychological growth are portrayed quite differently....

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The heart is the door to the dreams and the heaven because during creation it was from the heart that the mind was separated and from the mind the moon (Ait.1.1.3). So also, during the formation of the body the moon entered the heart becoming the mind (Ait.1.2.4). Since the heart is the location of the Self, it is also the source of intelligence (Ait.3.3). "That which is the heart and the mind, That is consciousness, perception, discrimination, intelligence, mental brilliance..."

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I also appreciate the way that through just four stanzas, the poet covers a wide range of themes and topics: The majesty of the natural world, its primalness, the finality of death, the strong emotions of the heart, the power of love, the different wants of the heart and mind.

I really like the way poem elaborates the argument that the mind and the heart are very different.

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We have different states of mind, and consciousness.

For example, a man or woman who consciously sets themselves the challenge to have sex with another person simply because they want to prove to themselves and other people that they can seduce them, is, in my mind, an explicit act of sexual expression. I see such an act as being of minimal individual worth. The act itself is supported by the essential nature of what we are, which is animalistic human beings, being unduly driven by the reptilian facet of our personalities with minimal limbic input (emotional feelings) in the process. In other words, the value of the sex act under discussion is purely a short-term egotistical thrill with little or no long-term worth. Conversely, implicit sex can be seen as being a natural progression into an act of sexual expression that is motivated by the desire to be physically and emotionally united with another person. It is also a desire to implicitly achieve a mutually pleasurable orgasmic experience.

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When I relate this story to my concept of our having two different types of consciousness, implicit and explicit, I am also suggesting that sexual expression falls into my concept of analogical bar codes as well. I see one’s mind as being the metaphorical concert master of such activities as it integrates and assimilates all information passing into it relating to the possibility that some sort of sexual expression between individuals seems imminent. I am suggesting that any act of sexual expression can also be likened to the bar code analogy.

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I see this same cosmos as being reality, that is, the whole of all things in a single package. I see the interaction between both characteristics of reality as being like the bar codes on the price tickets of merchandise in a super market. I see the positioning and width of each of these bars means that not only each bar, but also groups of bars have different meanings, worth and value. I say that the worth of something is their inestimable values such as the abstract worth of a single kiss or the level of anxiety a mother may have for her son as she witnesses him drive a racing car in a competitive track race. From these words I am saying that all phenomena whatsoever have implicit worth that can be determined by bar codes (like remembrances of a specific kind) whereas phenomena with materialistic characteristics also have tradable values, that is, by means of money or barter exchange.

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Twelve months ago I wrote an extensive paper titled “The ideas of Freud, Jung and the A-B-C model of mental health analysis and therapy.” The A-B-C model is one that I specifically created in order to discuss the relationship between the human mind, brain, consciousness and associated behavior. This paper has never been posted. In this essay I discussed the ideas of Freud, Jung and my own in relation to six topics. These topics are Consciousness, The individual, Religion and the individual, Mental illness, Dreams and Sex. The article below is a quoted extract from this work and the topic is Sex. In order for you to fully appreciate the science component of this extract I urge you to peruse a recent blog that I have posted titled I believe that my work in this area is a uniquely different way of looking at sex in terms of psychiatric analysis. I have not included the preamble to the original presentation.

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I argue that my concept of a primordial wave thought function (akin to Bohm’s pilot wave theory) guides the light particle electron through either the implicit or explicit frames of consciousness via the non-local medium of the human mind in a wave form. This effectively means that the information contained within the light particle is reflected into the brain (acting like a screen) in two different formats. One of these is a scientifically observable (explicit) particle (relativistic as determined by regular contemporary science) format and the other (implicit consciousness) is not. I suggest that the human mind is more than capable of assembling and integrating all such experiential phenomena. I also believe the same impressive capacity exists with the human brain as well, whether electrically, chemically or both randomly at the same time. I see the human heart as playing a conjunctional (sensual) relationship with the visual image perception process. They are critical, mutually supportive, life players with each other.”